Tuesday, September 13, 2016

"Fine Days With Liselle Tea"- The launch of Liselle Tea in Klang South

11 Sept 2016 - Rarely I will join launching event, with all my busy family time, and with my baby with me during the weekends. But as good as it seems, Mr Luk, the event organizer, invited me over this very interesting event - Fine Days with Liselle Tea.

Well, how do you describe the form of art? I can see that in Lisa Lee illustration - she created a fruitful cute character for her art - Liselle.

Words to describe Liselle are - her bubbly personality, life full of dreams and a total charm. When Liselle is 'born', her character in the form of art, can be well diversified into the art of painting, illustration, food, drinks, fashion and much more. As Liselle grows, she is a brand, a celebrity, a new identity, a characteristic art.

Together with the launching of Liselle Tea in Klang South (but I don't know why only in Klang South), the organizer has partner up with other Klang entrepreneurs to create new sparks in local art scenes together.

Klang Entrepreneurs Partners:

  • Mr. Chua –Youbeli.com (online platform) 
  • Mr. Vincent Tong – Printcious Gifts (manufacturer) 
  • Mr. Max Soh/ Nicole – Rare Art Koffee (F&B)

The venue sponsor - Rare Art Koffee, another hidden artistic cafe in Klang.

Origin of Liselle art illustration back in London, creator of Liselle, Lisa Lee ventured her journey back to Malaysia is to line her new footprint of her artistic illustration in her new expansion of Liselle Tea brand in Malaysia. Liselle Tea brand was established in 2013 in London inspired by the classical elegance of royalty that fuels an intrinsic potency for charismatic tea lovers. Liselle Tea spirit aims to touch the heart of the tea lovers based on its principle – Liselle tea for dream builders.

Liselle tea has four different tea leaves, that are: Rose Tea (decaf), Lychee Black Tea, blooming scented tea, and Jasmine Tea.

As we know art can be in the form of food, in-house chef of Rare Art Koffee, Chef Eddy Tan and Lisa Lee team spent 2-3 weeks time to create food art masterpiece for the bloggers to enjoy:

Cold Pasta Jasmine Tea. I am not too sure if the jasmine tea leaves have been blend into the sauce or it has been served as the garnishing, but the creamy sauce could have overcome the light tea scent. Overall, it was all good.

Smoked salmon with lychee black tea. Yes, this is pretty smokey enough, as I smelled the rock is cooking...Just joking. Again, I was 'searching' for the lychee black tea leaves, LOL. Probably to be marinated along with the salmon as the chef grill the salmon? However, it is important to have the blend and balancing of the whole food presentation, taste and texture.

Cold prawn with jasmine green tea - Someone asked me how should they eat this? I told them just eat it like the china's xiao long bao, but the prawn was bigger than the usual size. I decided to first drink the jasmine tea soup, and yes finally, I able to taste the sweet and highly fragrant jasmine green tea in the soup, followed by two bites off to finish the prawn.

Well, not to mentioned, some of the bloggers get excited watching the 'ice-berg bubble' for the prawn dish presentation!

Now, here comes the surprise, as I am honored to be abe to taste this smoked lamb to be grilled along with in-house Rare Art Koffee's own coffee beans. Well, do you think it was bitter just because it was cook along with coffee? No actually, sweet, juicy, tender grilled lamb, perfectly blended together with the aromatic coffee instead.

Finally, here comes the dessert. Rose tea infused with rolled apple pie. You can how beautiful the apple pie can be in rose petal form, as you get to taste the rolled apple pie sweetly, with cooked apple fillings, feeling so relaxing as if you really enjoy eating it, forgetting the busy hectic city life.

Liselle grows up to be someone so charismatic, inspiring, joyful, and happy. With her story appeared in the illustration art masterpieces, I was thinking, I was kinda envy Liselle, as I have the typical same old day everyday. May I have the same adventurous moments just like Liselle one day!

See how cute Liselle was when she was a little kid.

You can also buy all Liselle design art in Printcious platform: http://www.printcious.com/designers/liselle

In collaboration of the launching, all Liselle merchandises will donate 15% from the actual profit to 4 schools in Klang. Lisa Lee, the creator of Liselle would like to take this opportunity to instill and increase the aesthetic value of art scenes in the eye of local community. 


Liselle tea is available via online platforms such as youbeli.com or printcious, and independent cafes. Tea leaves origin from China, and packed by Purple Cane Sdn Bhd.

Price RM 25 per one tea box of tea leaves.

Designed and produced by Lisa Lee Creative.





Lisa Lee: https://www.facebook.com/LisaStyle/
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