Friday, September 9, 2016

Come & have a cuppa of tea at Miss Ellie Tea house Melawati - Tea, desserts, coffee

3 Sept 2016 - I joined this foodie whatsapp group like 1 month ago, and Ms Angie introduced me to go to Miss Ellie Teahouse in Melawati, since I am stayiing near MRR2.

What?! Don't even know there is a teahouse exist in Melawati. Surprising right? Normally when we think of tea, we would end up going to all those hotels or some classic tea house like TWG in shopping centres.

The Waze told us we have the destination. In my imagination, I was thinking of a teahouse located in a bungalow or an independent corner shop. Little did I know, actually we had passed by Ms Ellie Teahouse twice and we missed it. I asked for the exact lot number and the road. Turned out Ms Ellie has been playing hide and seek, as its shop is located in a row of shop without signboard.

You can see from this hidden gem shop, you feel warmth and welcoming even before you enter the tea house. Do I feel that I am in England? No, not yet.

Upon entering the tea house, yes, as if a little cottage located in England. A medium-sized tea house, decorated with all classic and contemporary nice decoration items. Around 10 wooden tables. We were waiting for our turn, and Nancy, the mother of Justin (the pastry chef who make this lovely tea house a bloom) attended us, and make sure we sit on the comfy couch as we waited for our table.

So, this is the menu. Ahhhh...old school huh? However, I can hardly read the flip through menu, as some of the wordings are faded.

I went to the side wall mirror area to check out what are the cakes of the day.

So did I flipped through some magazine that feature Miss Ellie Teahouse, reading a brief story on Justin, the owner of the cafe, who lived in Australia and has been working as a pastry chef in Australia for 10 years. Justin, thanks for bringing in tea and pastry with love back to Malaysia!

And later on, I saw a young Chinese chef walking in and out from the kitchen. I told him I wanted to get some recommendation on the menu, and he is Justin! Wow, such an honor to have the owner to introduce me his food and desserts!

And these are what we have enjoyed:

Durian creme brulee (seasonal) RM 12.50 - classic french dessert made with real vanilla beans and served with a smidgen of berry compote. This time round, we have the chance to taste durian creme brule since now it's the durian season

Pandan panna cotta RM 7.50 - Ms Ellie signature dessert - silky smooth panna cotta gently infused with fresh pandan leaves, served with home-made gula Melaka, strawberries and honeydew melon.

Justin introduces us the Darjelling tea blend - a light tea flavour so that Jac can sleeps well tonight, haha! I ordered lavendar tea, while my mom sipped on the peppermint tea.
We were like small kids round the block, and Justin was there to educate us how to enjoy our tea and dessert.

Ordered the orange poppy seed cake slices RM 6.50.

Justin told us to start off with their panna cotta, orange poppy seed cake, and lastly durian creme brule, simply because the flavour will goes from light to heavy tasting.

But then again, we need to enjoy the creme brule while it was served warm, so that the we get to eat the sugar thin crust on top of creme brule.

Two scones - RM 10.50. Ordered their plain and chocolate for a good try. Given choices of home-made marmalade, jam and whipped cream. Cut the scones into half, and we spread the jams or marmalade on our scones.

My foodie experience

Price is so worth it. Affordable with friendly staff (family gesture) and great quality food given, all own-made from the little kitchen.

Come here to enjoy their fresh ground coffee, and all other desserts. Everything is so nice here!

Hot food recommended are (although we didn't try):
  • chicken parmigiana crumbed chicken breast, succulent pan-friend and topped with tomato basil compote, gratinated cheddar and house-dressed side salad.
  • their seafood course. 
Yeap, their portion looks big as the waiter brings out the hot food from kitchen! I was darn, shouldn't have my dinner if I know Ms Ellie Tea house has hot food as well.

Now, do you know who is Ms Ellie? It has been named after their cute little dog!


Miss Ellie Tea House

Add: 7 Jalan H3, Taman Melawati. Kuala Lumpur 53100
Tel: +60 3-4162 0113

Opening hours:

Friday and Saturday: 10AM–9:30PM
Tuesday- Thursday10AM–7PM
Closed on Sunday and Monday


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