Monday, September 19, 2016

Asean Young Entrepreneurs Carnival (AYEC) Exhibition 2016

29 July 2016 - I was slightly confused when I was notified that there will be this the first ASEAN Young Entrepreneurs Carnival in Kuala Lumpur on the 29-30 July 2016, organised by Malaysian Association of ASEAN Young Entrepreneurs - MAAYE. Most probably they are linked to each other - MAAYE, AYEC, and MATRADE.

There were 2 halls for me to visit this time round in AYEC exhibition.

You can see the first hall area has a very simple set up, for the simple speaker event. Didn't see any event program in details.

Most of the exhibitors in Hall B are the local food producer, or mostly selling perfumes, malay clothings, and so forth.

I do found Google Malaysia came to on board to promote their Adwords Express, a faster way for the advertise to buy ads online.

Went for a quick break and found this CSR-friendly approach of Autism Cafe Project, a food truck run by the autistic children's parents, giving a reason for the autistic children another reason to be positive in their lifestyle.

I talked to one of the parents who is handling the project. He told me unfortunately in Malaysia, it is a far reach out to help those autistic children, and parents themselves had stay strong together, especially in finding other ways to help out their children, with stronger spirit and more positive emotional support.

Besides money donation in appreciation, a simple food catering for your occasion would be good...perhaps, just facebook message them and see how to help each other:

In between Hall A and B, there was some robotic innovation things displayed.

Now, I went to check out Hall A - and it turned out to be a total different image from Hall B area,

Coming to Hall A, the booth set-up looks more classy, with more lightings, and proper set-up. Most of the booth at here are startups, from MAGIC - Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Centre.

Also got to know that as long as you are MATRADE members, you entitled for a free booth as well. Ah, no wonder the booth set-up are less presentable as it seems.

Overall, I can feel that lots of Malaysia entreprenuers and startups start to make their dreams come true, but whether it is a demand in the market, or just base on living on your dreams to create the platform or business that you always want, question mark?

Is the business sustainable? Will your business evolve along, when there is more copycats competitors follow your business schemes? Will the world in the need of your business? Need to pitch your business ideas to funding campaign? How long can the funding last after you have done the report to the funders?

Lots of questions and challenges thrown to you, but it is good that MAAYE creates such exhibition to attract potential clients or business, but I believe if we want to go as far ahead to international level, the exhibition need a lot of improvement on their set-up and how it was being promoted via marketing.


AYEC is brought to you by MAAYE
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