Thursday, June 23, 2016

Simple Chinese food stalls @Ampang - local sweet desserts, fried noodles, porridge, noodles soup, curry laksa

18 June 2016 - I remembered I missed those economy noodles and simple sweet dessert soups back then. even those in shops or those from night market are really terrible.

Just one night, I went to buy steamed bun from Mr Pao, that is located near to Foong Foong Yong Tau Foo. And then from an eye distance, I noticed there are people walking out from a house located far back at the end. I ask Mr Pao: "What are they selling over there?"

"Oh, those are the food stalls serving economy noodles, porridge, claypot yee mee, curry laksa, and many more..."

I was like, those were the stalls that I thought they have dissappeared. I remembered coming to the food stalls when I was young, and ahhhh, they have moved in further to a house.

So later I asked the young guy that is helping his families who serve you sweet dessert soup, fried snacks, and economy noodles. why did they move in? turned out JPJ come and take away all the tables and chairs because they sell the food and drinks by the roadside.

Here, we have fried popiah, fried vegetables, fried chicken, fried fishcake, fried wanton dumpling, fried yam and many other fried snack.

The other stall is selling - pork/ chicken porridge, claypot yee mee and curry laksa. I have to pack my food as I was in a rush and I was bringing my baby.

Another stall sells cendol, ABC, Ice blended Ai Yu Jelly, and others drinks.

There you go, to see the greedy me. I bought fried meehoon, glutinous rice, popiah, red bean soup, fried dumpling and fried vegetables. I don't know how did the aunty fried the snacks, but i would say the fragant just fill up my whole car as I drove back, making me want to grab a bite in the car. Well, don't expect all these food are being served warm, you can heat them up in a microwave.

I also bought Ai Yu Bing, a QQ jelly with some sour lime. It was mixed with lots of blended ice, so I don't really like it, and it wasn't nice too.

I am missing all these simple food!


Opening hours: Opens from 6-11pm, closed every Thursday

I give you the nearest landmark, Foong Foong Yong Tau Foo. When you are facing Foong Foong, turn right and walk till the end, only then you will see the hidden food stalls in the furthest house.

Or else, ask the guy who sells steamed bun and dim sum.

Add: Jalan Merdeka, Kampung Baru Ampang, 68000 Ampang, Selangor, Malaysia

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