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Own-Made Teochew and Hong Kong Dimsum @Ming Xuan Restaurant 茗轩街坊茶餐厅 in Pahang

Ming Xuan has closed down and won't be open. Chef moved on elsewhere.

4 June 2016 - I was bugging Elise, my insurance friend to bring me to her dim sum restaurant in Temerloh, Pahang. I was so bored staying at home in KL over the weekends, and finally, she was going back hometown, and yeepee, I agreed to go back to her hometown with her!

It take 2 hours drive from KL to reach Temerloh, Pahang. We start our journey at 940am, and reached Ming Xuan Restaurant before 12pm. Everyone in the car was like starving as some of them did not take breakfast at all.

You will see Ming Xuan at the corner shoplots. Probably known as the only dimsum restaurant in Temerloh, it is an open-air concept, with sufficient tables and chairs for family and friends to come in to enjoy dimsum.

some simple wallpaper deco along.

Elise went to talk to chef Dickson, telling Dickson we arrived. So, let's see how chef Dickson gonna surprise us. Chef Dickson told me most of the dimsum he created is from Teochew and Hong Kong cuisine, with a little bit of twisting of his own recipe, given it well, asian fusion cuisine?

Left to right: Crispy vietnam roll (sweet), steamed glutinous rice with chicken (red rice, inspired by others Asian cuisine), and my favourite fried yam with sweet pork fillings. I do find that the red loh mai gai is something interesting, but didn't realize crispy vietnam roll was sweet. It is kinda yucky to eat salty food and suddenly your tongue taste bud just changed to sweet things. I probed the staff what is that, but she seems couldn't explain to me in details.

Nicely brewed white coffee ice, where you can feel the smoothness, foam on the top, and less sweet. Not really concentrated, but I would say it is nice to drink.

Shrimp chee cheong fun. This is very very special. First glance, oh my, such a small portion of chee cheong fun! The first bite proved that I was wrong. Turned out the chef delivers a totally different look of chee cheonf fun. A long shrimp/ prawn rolled up with the chee cheong fun. Feeling the moment of having the fresh prawn, everytime you took a bite. I was so mesmerized with the prawn chee cheong fun, even the chaw siew chee cheong fun cannot beat this dish. End up we ordered another 3 plates of this!

Left to right: classic prawn dumpling, prawn dumpling with real shark fin on top, and prawn dumpling with special 'ma la' spices on top. I do realized although chef introduces so many different types of prawn dumplings, the classic crystal skin prawn dumplings are always simple yet tasty. Too complicated might just spoilt the flavour as all flavours mix together.

Chef Dickson was like telling me: "This is real shark fin, don't play play!" Second time seeing pure shark fin in one piece.

Deep fried salad prawn at the far top right. Never fails me when you dip this dish with mayonnaise.

This is special from the kitchen. cheese baked big scallop with mini three prawns. I would say I tried grilled scallop, or cheese baked oysters, but cheese baked scallop? I would say although the aromatic baked cheese, it was too creamy for me to be able to taste much of the scallops and the mini prawns.

This is the baked cheese scallops and prawns when you flip it over.

The classic siew mai (pork dumpling) and steamed pork ribs. You can feel the pork filling texture was mixed with very little starch or flour, unlike other dim-sum restaurant.

If you want to know what other food Ming Xuan serves, this is it: noodles, porridge, rice, and many more.

Four of us cannot finish all the dim sum that we ordered, we paid for RM 100 for everything. the only thing is that you need someone who knows how to read chinese, or you gotta guess what you had ordered based on the food pictures.

Ming xuan should have its menu to be translated in English for those who don't understand Chinese.

Recommended: Shrimp chee cheong fun, red loh mai gai, classic prawn dumpling.

Local Sightseeing

We passed by The Pahang River, 459 km in length, it is the longest river on the Malay Peninsula.

We went to visit Elise's father orchard, or we should say a big land and an old man can't do much anymore. Those are rubber tree plantation, and people are paying only RM 20 for the rubbers, sighed.

Basically, you have nothing much to do in Temerloh, Triang of Pahang. My friends asked me to come here to buy kampong chicken because they were the main kampong chicken suppliers. We went to the chicken stalls at 4pm but it was too late, they were closed. Funny, as my mom keeps on ask me to buy big kampong chickens, must be hens, and three chickens please! Ouch, turned out I was empty handed, haha!

Heading back to KL in the evening, where we see the calming sunset within the clouds after the heavy rain.

Ming Xuan Restaurant 茗轩街坊茶餐厅
Add: Ground floor 28, jalan bahagia 31, 28000 Temerluh, Pahang, Malaysia

Tel: 09-290 2642

Opening hours:

Closed on Mon;
Tue-Sun: 7:30 am - 12:30 pm; 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

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