Thursday, June 23, 2016

Happy Seafood Noodles in Aluminium Foil @ Hari Hari Datang Foodcourt, Ampang

12 June 2016 - Well, after my normal jogging by the Ampang Hilir lake/ park, I drive to the nearest food court, Hari Hari Datang Foodcourt. Well, basically, there's nothing much to shout out for this Food Court.

The local coffee and tea are really just below average. If I saw the foreign workers who are cooking the food, I won't be interested in trying out the food.

At here: those that passed my taste bud are: pan mee, real pork noodles, kampong/ herbal/ wine pork/ chicken soup (same stall), fishhead noodles. The steamed fish stall is pretty delicious and the fish is fresh too.

Uncle who is selling some local delicacies and biscuits are good too.

I noticed this new seafood noodles being wrapped in aluminium foil, the stall call themselves - Happy Noodles. Let's see if I am happy after eating their noodles, haha!

Their signature is seafood noodles - mini clams and big prawns. Aunty said their soup is very sweet, clear soup. You can choose one with a little spicy, and one is totally clear soup.

So I ordered the prawn and clams noodles soup. the best was to eat with glass noodles (tung hoon). Joining along the soup is some simple vegetables, and mushrooms. The soup will be cooked with garlic and ginger.

First 'soupy' drinking the soup, yummy yummy, here's comes the delicious soup! The soup was like making me falling in love to keep on digging on the soup till the very last drop.

Later on, I noticed the cook cooked the ingredients and noodles in a pot in high heat, only then, place into the aluminium wrap that was placed in a bowl. I went to ask why do you need the aluminium wrap then. He told me it is for hygiene purpose, new creation, and it is less toxic since the high heat food wasn't placed into a plastic bowl directly.

Well, something new ya! Soup is superb for me.... seafood soup :)


Happy Noodles @ Hari Hari Datang Foodcourt, Ampang
Address: Malaysia, 10, Persiaran Ampang, Desa Pahlawan, 55000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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