Thursday, June 23, 2016

Han Han Restaurant 涵菡五味馆, Ampang - Braised Rice with Secret Ingredients

21 June 2016 - There are mommies recommend me to come to Han Han Restaurant 涵菡五味馆 in Ampang. Finally, I manage to get to dine in Han Han in one of the hot afternoon days.

Luckily, the traditional wood and marble furniture, indoor air-conditioned restaurant, with some of the press clippings, and some classic Chinese paintings hanging on the wall.

Red lanterns and a brick wall-cashier area, where the server prepares your fresh fruit juices and other beverages.

I ordered the fresh orange juice RM 6.90, cold green tea RM 4, and 5 beans sweet dessert soup. I would say they give you the best and make sure all are being served big in sizes for you. The 5 beans sweet dessert RM 4.50 was too much for me, probably I am have not tried 5 beans dessert soup before.

We ordered their fried meatballs 6 pcs RM 9. When it comes to fried, and minced meatballs, well, what you gonna say? Han Han gives you meats more than the flour and starches, giving you the real taste of minced meat.

Now here is the real thing - A full bowl of balanced diet of rice - braised pork belly, chopped fried chicken drumstick, mixed shredded vegetables and little of glass noodles, half braised boiled egg, one big bowl of white rice and braised minced pork, all at RM 15.90. If me, I couldn't even finish the whole bowl, so much yet delicious!

Braised dishes have always been my favourite, the whole taste of the sauce or soup totally goes into the meat or vegetables. However, I think the fried chicken was probably left 'cold' for a while, as I remembered, it was not that hot when it was served, maybe the 'chicken' was waiting for other dishes to be in the bowl of rice, that's why it was cold!

The lady who served us was so soft-spoken, and friendly. My usual style to ask for food: "what's your signature or your specialities?" Of course, in Han Han, it's definitely all their rice menu.

For their noodles, I ordered their pan mee RM 8.50. All their noodles are handmade; so I would say the noodles are still all good, but if only to comment about Pan mee, not the best for me, because well, they serve noodles just to complete the customer's preferences, and not because they are specialized in noodles.


My thoughts - Portion was big, worth for money, and do come for their braised rice. I believe they can give you home-cooked meal and drinks.

Han Han specialities - 涵菡五味馆的招牌菜有卤花腩肉饭,猪扒饭,炸肉丸饭,鸡扒饭,姜芽鸭饭等,而五味馆的特色就是用一种秘制肉碎配搭出各种不同面食和饭类。

Translated into English - Braised pork belly rice, porkchop rice, fried minced meatball, chicken chop rice, ginger duck rice. Their secret recipes - using minced meat with special ingredients to create different dishes for you.

Restaurant Name: Han Han Restaurant 涵菡五味馆

Add: No. 51-G, Jalan Wawasan 2/1, Bandar Baru Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, Ampang, 68000

TELEPHONE: 03-4296 5931

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