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Enjoy Your Tea at Home with Hi-Tea Boutique - Flower Teas, Fruit Teas, Loose Teas

10 June 2016 - Now, who don't love tea? I guess most of us will least have a sip of tea, especially in the morning, during tea time, and high tea session, when you sip your cup of tea and enjoying your sweet little cakes!

Now, time to enjoy some really great tea at home. Hi-Tea boutique offers you a wide range of flower tea, fruit tea, and loose teas.

  • Hi-Tea Flower Tea Series: A total of 5 different series of blends which include the Health Series, Beauty Series, Anti-Aging Series, Slimming Series and also Relaxation Series. Prepared the special flower tea series, so that you know what you need, without frustrated selecting a wide range of flower teas. It seems that flower teas are so popular to retain our youth and beauty. metabolism; Flavonoids are diuretic and aid in cardiovascular protection. Regular consumption of flower tea does not only enhances one’s beauty, improves one’s eyesight, eases one’s mind, but also effective in slimming and helps in the recuperation of illnesses. In hi-Tea website, it was written that tThe history of flower tea could be traced to the Ancient Egyptian era. (But I still believe China started first, as Chinese enjoyed drinking Chinese Tea for centuries, haha, I am such a loser!)
  • Hi-Tea Loose Tea (now, what is loose tea?): ah ha, if you like single (one) type of tea, Hi-Tea has 5 popular selections of loose teas. These include the Natural Chamomile Tea, Chrysanthemum Tea, French Rose Tea, Lemon Grass Tea, and Peppermint Tea.
  • Hi-Tea Fruit Tea: 100% natural products, including flowers and fresh fruits, both dried and mixed. No caffeine, flavouring/colouring or additives. Hi-Tea fruit teas are full of vitamins, fruit acids and minerals with natural colouring.

Did I make a flower pattern successfully? Nah, failed!

So I started off with sweet osmanthus. Sweet Osmanthus gives you a light and sweet taste. The moment I pour in hot water, you can smell a light fragrance from these dried golden yellowish Osmanthus. Well, turned out this is a beauty secret tea! Sweet Osmanthus is good for digestive system and coughing. It can also help in soothing your lungs. Sweet Osmanthus flower tea aids in purifying the skin and also constipation.

Alright, here comes the brewing instructions:

  1. Place 5 gram of flower tea (1 teaspoon) into 300ml mug. 
  2. Pour in some hot water to wash off the first rinse of the flower tea. (Jeez, I didn't know about this step at all)
  3. Add in 300ml of hot water.
  4. Steep it for 3-5 minutes.
  5. And it is ready! You may add honey if you want to.

I used the only teapot that I have at home - my Chinese wedding teapot, haha!

See the light tea color? Well, all I know was I was so calm and feel so relaxed after drinking Sweet Osmanthus, that I went to sleep after finishing my tea. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz..........

Hawthorn Tea - Hawthorn, also known as may flower, is a solid, thorny bush related to the rose family. (Can you believe it? From its look, I was like, from the rose family?) Grows in moist climates, Hawthorn tea is most widely known for its medicinal uses and primarily for its cardiovascular applications. (Like a heart-healing tea!)

Hawthorn tea gives you an unpleasant odor and a slightly bitter taste. According to the internet, hawthorn tea can increase the strength of your heart's contractions and useful for treating anxiety.

The Apple Rose Fruit Tea uses 100% pure flower and fresh fruits, all dried and mixed. It does not contain any caffeine, flavoring/coloring or additives. Sense the fruity scent with a bit of sour and some tangerine flavour as you drink. The flower teas in this fruit tea are Dried Apple, Roselle, French Rose, and Orange.

Well, guess I no need to explain much on Peppermint Tea - going light, with the minty and sweet flavour. Something to learn about peppermint tea. Peppermint Tea can activates your brain cells improving your blood circulation, improve your breathing system, making you more calm and relaxed but....

Take note, as Peppermint Tea is not suitable for pregnant and breasts feeding woman. (Oh my god, I didn't know about this!) Avoid taking peppermint if you’re having coughs with weak lungs, and don't drink before you sleep!

Blooming Tea or more commonly to be known as flower tea, consist a bundle of dried tea leaves wrapped around one or more dried flowers. 

Please prepare the blooming tea in clear glass or transparent materials. Once you pour in the hot water, you will see the graceful tea leaves slowly expands and unleash its beauty, just like a blooming flower, where the flower lays on the centre. It started out bitter yet fragrant, but when you add on hot water, slowly it will be lighter.

However, for Hi-Tea Boutique Blooming Tea, it didn't indicate whether which flowers and what type of tea leaves are being wrapped into the bulb shape. My first impression upon getting the blooming tea was like: "How come it only comes in one hard bulb shape, when others were in their real tea leaves? Ahhhh, after steeping the blooming tea, only then I realized the masterpiece of blooming tea.

What I like about Hi-Tea is:

  • Its packaging. Their flower teas are packed into food graded zip lock bag to ensure the freshness even after you open and reseal the remaining flower teas.
  • They have 18 types of flower teas.
  • Others different loose teas for you to mix with the flower teas. However, don't simply mix the teas. follow the right tea recipe, check it out:

Oh ya, do remember to store the flower teas in cool and dry place, for eg: refrigerator.


Now, would you like a cup of Hi-Tea? You can buy it online, or if you want to make bulk purchase, contact Hi-Tea to get special price!

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