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Suki Jezz in Gold Coast, Australia - Day 4 in Omeros Bros Seafood Restaurant

Gold Coast!

25 April 2016 - Volla, day 4 in Australia, and this time I'm gonna share with you the amazing Gold Coast, metropolitan region south of Brisbane on Australia’s east coast. Travellers and the retiress will spend a lot of time relaxing or to have a lot of water sports activities. What activities could you get in Gold Coast?
  • Long sandy beaches, good for you to go surfing and lots of water sports.
  • Lots of amazing water theme park such as Dreamworld, Sea World and Wet’n’Wild theme parks. 
Well, probably you prefer to go hiking across Lamington National Park’s mountain ridges and valleys, home to rare birds and rainforest as well.

It was a good day too, as 25 April 2016 is Australia public holiday, the Anzac Day, a national day that broadly commemorates all Australians and New Zealanders who served and died in all wars, it is indeed a very important national day for the Australian.

Alistair is last person from far right 

It took us 1.5 hours, up to 140km in total, from Brisbane city to Gold Coast. Alistair and his wife, drove us to Gold Coast. I was like googling Gold Coast and seeing the sandy beaches, I wanted to bring along my bikini, only to realized that we are going there for lunch, nothing more...awwwww...grrrr....

Reach Gold Coast and seeing so many boats are for sale or for rent. some even go up till millions! Alistair was like: "Man, even my house is cheaper than boats at the sea!"

But yes, probably there are people who fall in love with the ship and the sea, like the sailors? sea travelers?

And I was so excited to enjoy a seafood lunch in Omero Bros, why? No more ham and bacon or meat! I was like seafood...come here come here.....

We go for some oysters as sharing plate on the table, followed by some starter or the main course directly.

Mornay style - two cheese mornay sauce, flame grilled, golden crisp ½ dozen at Aussia 22.9 and 1 dozen at Aussie 34.9. Well, I do like the hot baked cheese oyster....

Natural oysters - freshly shucked, served on ice with homemade cocktail sauce. ½ dozen at Aussie 20.9 and 1 dozen at Aussie 32.9.

For their entree menu, you can choose to have entree size or to be served as the main course size.

This is garlic prawns - sautéed prawns, shallots, mushrooms with garlic cream volute served with rice, entree price is Aussie 18.9, main dish price is Aussie 30.9.

Yes, prawns are really big, creamy, and pretty full when you eat it with rice. I am surprised they do serve rice though, because normally we eat rice in most Asian countries.

I think this is mine! Harvey Bay Scallops - served in a light beer batter with Tartare sauce, micro herb salad entree level Aussie 18.9 and main course Aussie 29.9. Well, ehem, don't think it is worth to have scallop as a main dish, mate.

But it was kinda disappointing realizing that the scallops were deep fried and to be served with Tartare sauce. Probably I was thinking the scallop should be grilled, so that I can taste the freshest scallop with the grilling sensation.

Next, here comes the main courses, mostly all the ocean fishes, lobsters and so forth.It can be prepared in few ways - grilled with lemon butter, dry grilled with fresh lemon, beer battered, lightly crumbed or pan fried in olive oil and finished with lemon juice and parsley – all fish served with fresh salad and golden fries.

You have the choices of the ocean fishes that are:
  • New Zealand Whole Sole Aussie 36.9
  • Northern Territory Barramundi Aussie 36.9
  • Australian Snapper Aussie 37.9
  • Whiting (MP)

I was being greedy. craving for all kinds of seafood. Therefore, I selected this one. Bouillabaise - a fresh selection of seafood poached in our red wine tomato veloute, entree size Aussie 21.9, main dish Aussie 35.9. And yes, perfectly matched of all the fresh seafood, tasted like enriched broth soup for me.

It was a sudden turn with the weather as well. First, heavy rain poured and some by the deck just rush for some shelter. And the next thing, you see the bright sun appeared again.

We do enjoy our great seafood lunch by the deck. They do have air-conditioned indoor as well, and boy, totally packed! Well, true enough, during Anzac Days, not all shops or restaurants are opened. And tip top off, they will charge extra 15% on public holidays, that's crazy! Applicable on all restaurants ya.

Adios, Hmm...shall I retire here, or buy a ship here? *Counting my money in my piggy bank....

Omeros Bros Seafood Restaurant

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