Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Suki Jezz in Brisbane, Australia - Day 5, Dinner in Tartufo, and Death Before Decaf Cafe

26 April 2016 - Tada! Dinner time! This time I am gonna meet my childhood primary school mates, Ling Li, and Janice.

Ling Li has been in Brisbane for almost up to 10 years, kinda second home after Malaysia. She came to pick me up from Ibis and drove me up to Kangaroo Point Cliff to enjoy the night view of Brisbane city.

And as usual, I would take a quick snap shot with me in the photo. I do noticed they are few bootcamp fitness members working out near the cliff.

As we were waiting for Janice, who works as a nurse in the hospital to finish her shift, Ling Li brings me to hypermarket to shop for some vegemite, chocolate, biscuits, and some chips to munch on!

I was like telling how bad my food experience was when I was in Brisbane. Luckily, Ling Li brought me to Tartufo, a very famous classic Italian restaurant.

Crowd has been filling up the spaces, and it is a weekdays dinner time. Guess Tartufo is really the favourite among the diners. Lots of good old photos, probably maybe some of them are the business owners' family classic photos. light, ambiance, seating, all passed with green lights.

We were sitting in the restaurant, met Janice, and we were deciding what to eat for our dinner. Well, we are going for sharing portion as Janice has taken some meal before she arrived. When we wanted pizza, the host told us that they only serve pizza at the pizza area, near to the pizza boy.

so we shifted to another table and waiting for our food to arrive.

The classic mojito cocktail was indeed refreshing for me.

Calamari Fritti AUD19 - Fried calamari tossed in crushed pepper, salt and served on a bed of fresh rocket, drizzled with lemon mayonnaise. the flour wa so special that I had to say, what flour did they use? Normally the flour to make the crispy skin - most commonly we know perhaps is the fried chicken, fish and chips and tempura. None of the taste are even close to this calamari. I would say people like me who so scared of choked by eating calamari, was even enjoying chewing it!

Next, Linguine Ai Frutti Di Mare, AUD 26.5 - House made linguine served with seasonal mixed seafood, cooked with garlic, chilli, granulated pepper, napoletana, parsley and extra virgin olive oil. House-made, what to say, freshly made for you. authentic taste just filling up the mouth on the first bite. I feel that I am in Italy already!

Can you guess what is it? This is the first time seeing pizza in tortoise shape! Well, maybe the pizza boy knows that some people dislike the thick crust, therefore he make a special pizza shape and make us finishing everything!

PIZZA TARTUFO AUD 28 - tomato, mozzarella, prosciutto, porcini mushroom puree, cherry tomato, shaved parmesan, basil and extra virgin olive oil with pork sausage and truffle paste encased in the crust. The smell of truffle is definitely pungent and strong.

The waiter is so gentlemen and nice, making sure we enjoy our dinner time in Tartufo, and we even have a wefie photo session! Aww...didn't get his name, such a cute guy! And Ling Li mademy day to bring me to the most delicious classic Italian food!

Tartufo - Classic Italian


Add: 1000, Ann Street, Fortitude Valley, Australia

Phone:+61 7 3852 1500
Operating hours: Everyday 12pm - 11:30pm
Google Map:

Next, Ling Li wanted to bring us to hear live band, only to found out the guard need to see my passport or ID. No, I didn't bring my ID out, I was so worried that people might steal it. Ling Li insisted telling the bouncer we look old enough, obviously! But it falls into deaf ears.

So this time, Janice brings us to this rocka cool 24/7 Death Before Decaf Cafe.

Lots of skateboards? a deer head, and then it seems it looks like a tattoo shop. Definitely cooler than Hard Rock Cafe.

Left to right: Ling Li, Janice, me. We took some real nice coffee and tea at here. I would say, you would get the coffee that you need.

This is the counter, it seems everything on display are for sale though. We didn't really ask if they offer tattoo services, but purely selling only coffee 24/7? Nah, must be more than that!

The policemen even comes in to have a nice coffee break at the cafe. Imagine the cashier is full of tattoo and piercing on the body, serving coffee to policemen, haha!

Oh ya, make sure you bring cash to the cafe, because most Australian do not bring cash out, they use cashless payment system :)

Death before Decaf Cafe
Address: 3/760-766 Brunswick St, New Farm QLD 4005, Australia


Google map:

Well, a cool cafe I would say!


Where else should I go when I come to Brisbane again? Hmmm, let me know, will ya?

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