Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Fish Head Noodle at May Mey Gourmet Seafood Restaurant

1 May 2016 - I was actually on the way heading to the coffee shop nearby to the market in Kuala Ampang. Well, Ampang do not really have many places for me to have a good breakfast, or probably I am lazy being adventurous to drive all the way further to the other side of Ampang.

And then, I passed by May Mey Gourmet Seafood Restaurant....something is cooking....Went inside and finally got to know this lady is renting a stall to serve fish head noodle in the morning till afternoon.

Must be heavy to have fish head noodle in the morning, but I was thinking, well, don't mind to give a shot!

If you come to the restaurant in the morning, you will be definitely only aiming for fishhead noodle and its local coffee, nothing more. A little stall with no signboard, gotta come either u walk in out of curiosity or it's based on word of mouth recommendation

I don't really want to order any caffeine on that particular morning, but the uncle and aunt next to my table told me: "Lady, try the local coffee here, gao gao and aromatic!"

so, well, persuaded by the seniors, and indeed, it was a nice local coffee not to be amissed.

Next, we order two different type of fish head noodles. one is clear soup, another one is pumpkin soup. I am sure she has the milk soup type.

what is in the bowl of fish head noodle? lots of spinach, Fu Zhou fish ball with pork meat inside, deep fried fish heads, and fish paste.

I forgot to ask if she has fresh fish head as ingredients as well.

You can smell and taste the strong smell of the evaporated chinese wine, shao xing wine.

The belacan? just use my chopsticks, pick some, and put in my mouth, the spiciness is really top of the top, meaning really raw blended fresh red chilies for the belacan.

We do like the special fish balls, so we ordered another bowl of the fish balls.

I cannot comment if the fish meat is fresh or not, because it has been deep fried.

Overall, the noodles were more than the ingredients. I would say if she adds on more ingredients for that bowl of fish noodle, then it would be awesome.

It's not bad after all, charging us around RM 8 per bowl.

Fish Head Noodle at May Mey Gourmet Seafood Restaurant Address: 2, Lorong Awan 6, Kuala Ampang, 68000 Ampang, Selangor, Malaysia

Fish head operation hours: morning till 3pm, closed on Saturday
Google Map:


Have you been here? Share your review with me? Or perhaps you have a better fish head noodles to recommend?

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