Friday, April 15, 2016

Coffee Speciality but Local Food at T.Garden Pandan Indah

14 April 2016 - I was craving for coffee and cake, just something sweet. Trying to search for cafe nearby Cheras or Ampang at 8pm, and I remembered there is an instagrammer tag herself enjoying coffee in T Garden Pandan Indah. So what i do next was, search for T Garden in Google Map, and off I went.

The first impression when I reached T Garden is that, wow spacious, modern, bright light of their signboard to make sure you didn't miss out the place.

As the exterior definitely look like a modern cafe is written 'the Coffee Shop'...hmmm...why not 'Cafe', but 'The Coffee Shop'? Coffee shop reminds me of the local coffee shop suddenly.

Dimmed light, classic table, steel chairs, glass partition with lots of coffee typography poster, flowers in glass display, and a bunch of staff stand near the kitchen and bar tender area. The owner hire local staff and some foreigners.

Told my date - my baby, to stay calm and enjoy coffee, but guess he just ignored me when I told him I am taking his photo.
Guess what kind of drinks and food do they serve? For me, shock of my life!

In their menu, they strongly recommended Caffe latte, affocato special, and chocolate drink. and the right side of the menu shows dimsum?

Coffee with dimsum? I was huh? did i come to the right place? Both doesn't match together....

And I flipped their whole menu. They positioned themselves as coffee as speciality, but it seems they introduce all kind of chinese food, western food, and dim sum?!

So I gave a shot on their cold chocolate drink RM 9.90. First sip was excellent, but as I put aside, took a bit on my sandwich and started to drink back my chocolate was super sweet, like they putting half a cup fill with sugar. Probably too sweet for me, but the real chocolate is inside.

Ordered their signature big sandwich RM 11.90, 6 pcs of crispy thick toast clipping the melted cheese with egg, smoked bacon ham, and fresh tomato, cucumber, and lettuce. Well, their smoked bacon and melted cheese egg are really something flavorful, but to come along with thick toast? I end up eating the bread more than everything else. well, bread = lots of flour and starches, you will not be a satisfying customer from the first bite of it. want to keep it crispy? make sure the bread is thin and mini might be more presenting.

Overall, I spend almost RM 30 include the GST and service tax. Guess their shop appeal doesn't seem blend in well with what they show me in their menu, and yes, their price and value? Probably not worth it.

Just one remark - saw one of the waiter show middle finger pointing to his friend, and I was watching such act, I almost thought he was giving the special signage to me. Shouldn't be so playful even if your friends are around, that shows imporfession. And then I notice an uncle shouted loudly to his staff that they did not clear one of the table who has been vacant for quite some time. Probably he shouldn't be shouting angrily in front of customers either.

Argh, and there's no cake for me! Now, wait, why couldn't I recall Starbucks, where they have coffee and cake? Hmmm....

And do you know where I can get to enjoy cake especially Mille Crepe in Cheras and Ampang area? Please suggest!

T.Garden Pandan Indah

Add: No., 31, Jalan Pandan Indah 4/4, Pandan Indah, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Malaysia
Landmark, just the next shop next to Tsim Tung Hong Kong Cafe.

Couldn't find the opening hours in their Facebook and they don't have website.

Google Map:


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