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New Food Outlet in Ampang Point - MAKAN Culture and Others

27-28 March 2016 - It seems that Ampang Point is moving toward a new revamp of shops. Previous shops are mostly local, traditional shops, just like those in Sungai Wang, Sogo and Permata Complex.

Caught up and notice Brands Outlets and Camel Active are coming to Ampang Point, not to mention the established Harvey Norman, and the Spotlight that sell mostly fabric, sewing materials come to Ampang Point.

So, what's cooking in Ampang Point?

MAKAN Culture

The first place I went and it really does caught my attention is MAKAN Culture by Sakura Kristal. What I like is the whole colorful interior design, uplift the modern look of the local food. Second is the smile in most of the hostess. They explained they do not charge service charge, GST is included in the food price and FREE drink/ flow on their sparkling lemon mint. Now, not even famous or fine dining area could provide us plain water, merely they hope you buy mineral waters in their restaurants. which is why MAKAN culture has extra point to make you stay and relax without worrying of the total bill. Oh ya, bear in mind, you have to order and pay first in the counter, perhaps that is why they don't charge you service charge.

15 Oct 2017 -  Are you game for teh ice leleh? Volcano Teh ice at makan culture at Ampang point.The milk tea might look pale as per the photo, but to be honest, they makes fresh kinda milk tea (unlike those mamak that no longer deliver good milk tea)
Famous for colorful pon pon rice and their curry seafood. Creamy butter pasta for kids was surprisingly good.
Noodles not much choices, more just for alternative options. Also average only.

8 July 2016 - Was aiming for their peranakan seafood curry claypot for quite some time. Manage to grab my hubby to try on their curry this time round.

Wow, presenting you multi-colors rice balls? but, of course, not as nice as Melaka chicken rice ball. These colorful riceballs are sticky though.

The peranakan/ nyonya seafood curry is boiling! Well, quite a lots of vegetables given, I would say the portion of the seafood: fish, prawns, squids, are okay. spicy? Nah, not really, nyonya food isn't spicy anyway.

When you come to a local malay modern cafe, teh tarik kurang manis is a must for me. And I can taste that the milk tea that they use is definitely better than the local mamak tea. foam is formed due to they do teh tarik, by pulling the milk tea in between 2 cups.

Peking chicken with seasonings, cucumbers, shredded mango slices, special sauce, and Chinese mantou. chicken meat soft, tender, and the skins seem deep fried with special rempah ratus, yet peeling away from the meat and the bone. where to get this type of mantou? I want to buy as well.

I also ordered their Som Tam Kerabu, fusion Thai salad with the young mango & papaya, dry shrimps, deep fried squids, served with roasted belacan. Very spicy and refreshing for me!

Come to MAKAN culture for their peranakan food, I will aim for their sweet and sour fish, and peranakan curry seafood next round. However, take note it takes more time to serve the food, get yourself some local malay kuih or cake if you are too hungry.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MakanCultureCafe

The Manhattan Fish Market

Get a food voucher in The Manhattan Fish Market, and would like to give a shot. The mentality of Manhattan Fish Market is that they always serve deep fried seafood.

I was surprised to see they have various cooking method as well. Since when did they change their menu?

Flamed, poached, baked, grilled and fried cooking methods. Surprised they explore into salad as well. Should let me know earlier, as I always thought it is unhealthy only to eat deep fried seafood in Manhattan Fish Market.

Cream Of Mushroom - cook with cream, some onions, mushrooms, and lastly garnished with herbs. Salty for me, yet it is not starchy, at least some real ingredients in the soup.

In the menu, you get to see this kinda picture:

In reality, this is what I get:

Single Garlic Herb Mussels - Poached mussels in our signature Garlic Herb sauce, served with baguette to soak up the delicious sauce. Mussels look soooooo much smaller than the pictures shown in the menu. the garlic herbs are oily, salty, creamy for me. Well, guess it's all about the taste.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MFM.My/timeline

Burger Station

"Everybody knows what a burger is, but have you had a REAL burger? BURGER STATION brings soul to fast food with our handmade burgers and hot dogs."

Make me think of 1901 hotdog suddenly, but their outlook are definitely better.

Their weekdays special, and I decided to take their combo chicken special!

CHICKEN SPECIAL - 150g Chicken Patty topped with Melted Cheese, Fresh Lettuce,Tomato & Egg. adding on coca-cola and french fries, and after 15% discount, it is RM14 ++

A close-up on the burger to see how thick the chicken patty is, cannot compare this with Ramlee Burger thin patty definitely. The taste was okay, probably should try their beef since they recommend 100% Australian beef patty.


All food outlets are in Ground Floor at Ampang Point, Jalan Mamanda 3; 68000 Ampang, Kuala Lumpur. 


21, Jalan Mamanda 4, Taman Dato Ahmad Razali, 68000 Ampang, Selangor, Malaysia

Google Map: https://goo.gl/maps/rMALe1UZPDQ2
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