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First Shopping Spree for Melaleuca - Eco-Green Products using Natural Resources

26 March 2016 - I got to catch up with a friend of mine, Mr Beh, who is also my good friend aka ex-colleague husband. I have known about Melaleuca through him. Why Melaleuca gives me such a strong impact to remember this brand, especially after 5 years hearing of Melaleuca in Malaysia? It is not because it is MLM or direct sales concept; not because of people who are criticism and against such direct marketing method. It is because Beh don't sell me products, he sells me the concept of living and wellness, that's all. He reminded me how harmful in some of the commercialized household products and some quality ingredients in health supplements.

A live news reveals that a commercialized spirulina supplement from Taiwan is actually just made of food colorings. This freak me out. But then again, you will need supplement when your body is lack of absorption from natural food sources, but then again, how good are the supplements?

A live product demo of putting a few hair into a container, pour in the bleach, cover it up, and observe what will happened next after 10 minutes. You will see the bleach actually can dissolve your hair as if your hair has been disappeared in the air! I was so shocked, didn't know how dangerous harmful chemicals and lead us to.

But first, these are what most people want to know....

What is MLM, network marketing? The difference of it with traditional marketing
MLM, network marketing, direct sales, consumer direct marketing, referral network marketing, are all direct to the same marketing method - a marketing method who rather use direct contact or friends recommendation, instead of the conventional marketing. So what is conventional marketing? the typical advertisement, commercial brands being displayed online or supermarkets, hiring promoters or sales person to promote the brand.

In MLM or network marketing, your referral or your friend will have to do the part of all the commercial marketing of a brand needs. He/ she play the roles of the dealer, distributors, sales marketing representative, and many more. He/she will need to explain the product concept, follow up on special inquiries, always share updates on the product benefits.

I know, you might get cheated or skeptical on any products that go on MLM or network marketing. Let's face it, it depends on the individual, whether they are helping you sincerely, or merely just to persuade you buy products or telling you earning extra income, and suddenly you realized that the person just 'abandon' you, giving you cold shrink feelings, that make you have negative impacts on network marketing. My point is not the brand or products, but it is the individual who bring you in, and do he or she follow up or support you. Of course, you yourself need to be open-minded to know what are your goals in life, and whether you really fight hard for it or not. there are no shortcuts in success, but if you trust and believe in yourself, you will be successful.

Just make sure you do some research on the company background before you joined.

The difference of MLM products than the commercialized products:
  • Rely more on word-of-mouth, friend's recommendation, testimonials, before and after results
  • More concentrated and more natural
  • Reward the referrals, instead of paying the supermarket dealers and salesperson.

The difference on MLM marketing business scheme compared with being an employee or owning a business:

  • Opportunity to allow you to earn extra money, and flexible, depends you are on part-time or full-time basis. Normally people will start on part-time, and when they see the results, they will do the full time, realizing the value of life.
  • The company handles all R and D, packaging, manufacturing, marketing promotional materials for you. all you need to do is to share good things with your family and friends.
  • Little capital investment, instead of starting everything and invest with big amount of money on your own.

My curiosity in Melaleuca

Alright, let's talk about Melaleuca. I will add in some Q and A session throughout my conversation with Beh, my friend:

What is Melaleuca selling point?
Melaleuca is The Wellness Company. And by wellness, we mean complete wellness. Mission is to enhance people lives and help to reach people's goal.

What do you mean by wellness and helping me to achieve healthy life?

  • Your Health - wellness products, supplements, nutrients, and many more. By doing so, you can naturally and effectively manage weight, improve nutrition, and advance health at every stage of life.
    Well, it's true, if not, what's the point we want to have health more than wealth, don't you think?
  • Your Environment - Melaleuca Household products are non-toxic, home-cleaning products that are safer for your home.
  • Your Quality of Life - Sometimes, we forgot the value and purpose of life. But, with Melaleuca, with motivation and successful recipe, you can earn extra income, flexible time, and spend more time with your family and friends.

But, how dangerous toxic household products can be?

You will have chemical pollution indoor in your house if you are using long-term normal household products. How safe can the products can be? Can the company or you yourself guarantee the safety? You are exposing yourself and your family with the dangers of harsh, caustic chemicals. When you exposed yourself to chemicals, it is harmful and dangerous, given that the products that you use on your body, face, with some didn't realize even the clothes that you are wearing might have dangerous chemical bleaching by the commercialized detergent products. Do you know that cleaning your home twice a day with bleach will have a 28% INCREASE in asthma attacks?

What is the difference between Melaleuca products than the commercialized brand?
Melaleuca is into concentrated products. Concentrated products require less water, less fuel to ship, less plastic for production and packaging. Hence, save the green as we use natural resources to replace all harmful chemicals production.

But the products are expensive to be compared with the commercialized brand, why are you telling me that I am saving money instead?

Because you are the smart household decision maker. Since it's concentrated products, you can use the concentrated products longer than the commercialized products. It makes no sense to buy commercialized products with low price but it is full of water or minimal real ingredients in it.

What is the difference between Melaleuca products than others direct sales company, concentrated products brands, organic and other natural products?

  • Household products - selling concentrated products while preserving nature's resources.
  • Sol-U-guard Botanical™ Disinfectant is bleach-free, made with 100% food-grade ingredients, approved by US EPA. This mean it can kill 99.9% of germs without using bleach. *(Of course, no one asked you to drink the household products just to proof it's food-gradable right?)
  • Health supplements - Oligo™ protects antioxidants by generating fewer free radicals than inorganic mineral forms - 5x fewer than traditional forms in other supplements.
  • Use natural ingredients, hence, save green as well. Great, you are part to make the world a greener place.Melaleuca cleaning products use the best of science and nature to combine for the safest most effective cleaning.
  • To achieve a better healthy life for you and your family.
  • Save up to 30-40% discounted price and get rewarded regularly on monthly basis if you join as a member
  • No stocking product - low start-up fees
  • Convenient - Available online and in physical Melaleuca stores
  • 60 days money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product that you have purchased and used it for consecutive 60 days.
What are the products available in Melaleuca brand?
  • Vitamins and Supplements
  • Food and Weight Loss
  • Cleaning and Laundry
  • Medicine Cabinet
  • Dental Care
  • Hair Care
  • Bath and Body
  • Beauty
  • Specials
  • Sales Aids and Materials
Why do you advise me to open a new member account? I can use your account or my friend's account to get the discounted price.

When you join the company as a preferred customer, and if you invite other family and friends to join member under your referral, you will be rewarded by getting certain override commission, based on Melaleuca calculation formula system. you won't get such privilege if you keep on use other people's account. Plus, it is good for you to monitor your own personal household expenses, to show that you are financial smart.

*Make me feel like I am going to a pharmacy and a mini supermarket.
Where are Melaleuca products from?Mostly from Australia, USA, and Taiwan, depending on its natural resources and manufacturing factory.

I went to Melaleuca Bangsar shop last Saturday. You can see the shop is well completed with products, displays, and cashier counter, just like a normal shop. Regular customers come in and it is not quiet at all. Seems they are busy shopping happily.

I was attracted to the Renew series for body care. Renew™ Skin Therapy - This clinically proven moisturizing lotion heals and prevents even the driest skin, provides immediate and long-lasting relief, and leaves skin softer and healthier. This is suitable for those who have cracking skin, dry skins, eczema, or any skin problems.

Heard this TheEcoSense™ MelaPower® 6x concentrated detergent to wash the clothes are very powerful. Six-times concentrated than the normal detergent, non-alkaline, super-effective detergent!

After 2 hours of shopping with Beh, I end up buying these products, and earn up to 40 points = RM 400, I save 30% from the original amount RM 520 (you need to earn 35 points monthly to enjoy exclusive discounted member price):


Here is what I buy for my first month of Melaleuca household and wellness purchase, 3/4 is their top-selling products:

MelaPower 6x Laundry Detergent with Improved Stain-Fighting Power (Fresh Scent) - I need a strong detergent to fight against clothes stains as husband works in the kitchen, and to wash all my baby clothes.

Attain GC control, Clinically Tested Natural Blood Sugar Support - I need this as I have a relative who is a diabetic patience. An old uncle who relies on Noni health supplement, going through normal meal plan, jab with insulin, yet his blood sugar is 11 even without eating. Hope this GC control can actively support his normal blood sugar metabolism, a healthy weight and cardiovascular system. This exclusive product is uniquely designed to provide energy and metabolism support and help minimize carbohydrate and sugar cravings.

Peach FiberWise Drink - FiberWise contains a unique blend of 7 natural fiber sources along with vitamins, antioxidants, soothing herbs, and probiotics that give a broad spectrum of full-body benefits - I and husband need this as we are considered the 'supper hunter', bloated stomach, and always feel unhealthy and guilty after eating a great feast. Ya, both of us are overweight!
Herbal Shampoo - Family sized bottle of shampoo with grapefruit, blueberry, and sage extracts and 14 natural conditioners that add luster and volume to your hair with an invigorating herbal scent - omg, I am so in need of this. Well having a big volume of curly frizzy hair is not easy to manage, hopefully I will get softer smoother hair after this.

Let me try on the products and write up honest review on these 4 products, will monitor my household expenses as in comparison with the commercialized products.

Other interesting products that caught my attention and also some of the top selling products:

Affinia HairCare Series that are Sulfate-Free, with the selling price less than RM20, so affordable! Many shampoos contain foaming agents like ammonium lauryl sulfate,ammonium laureth sulfate or sodium lauryl sulfate, which are harsh and drying to the scalp. sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and sodium Laureth sulfate (SLES) are the ones most commonly used in personal care products. Do you know more than 90 percent of shampoos and body washes contain SLS or SLES?

Reflect skincare - 4 out of 5 acne suffers preferred Reflect brands. Don't believe? See the reviews online by yourself:


Vitality Calcium Complete® - promotes strong bones and teeth and is organically bound for maximum absorption and antioxidant protection. Osteoporosis and those who have weak bone problem, this is your 'bone' saver.

ACCESS® Exercise Bar - provides the ideal workout environment to help your body:
  • Access fat faster (burn fat, burn fat)
  • Workout harder and longer
  • Reduce fatigue and soreness
Good for those who want a quick slow energy release cereal bar before workout.

The Gold Bar - It is a soap bar actually. what's so interesting about the gold bar? Each Melaleuca Bath Bar is French-milled—a process that thoroughly mixes the ingredients and presses out excess air so every bar is smoother and denser, making them last longer than some other brands that quickly melt down the drain. This means that normally when you use normal soap bar, it melts down quickly and it is 'watery'. You won't feel the same when you use the gold bar.

Attain Bar - As snacks or part of sensible meals, these bars naturally address the root causes of hunger cravings and helps control your crave to support healthy weight loss.

Renew Intensive Lotion - This clinically proven moisturizing lotion heals and prevents even the driest skin, provides immediate and long-lasting relief, and leaves skin softer and healthier. This is suitable for those who have cracking skin, dry skins, eczema, or any skin problems.

Sensitive Tooth Polish - Contains fluoride to help prevent cavities, potassium nitrate for painfully sensitive teeth, teeth-whitening papain, and T40-C3 Melaleuca Oil and myrrh to reduce odor-causing bacteria. do you know the commercialized products use bleach if you buy the whitening toothpaste? not sure if the normal toothpaste usually contain such bleach ingredients or not. sighed, for Tooth Polish, they use papaya, as its natural whitener, now I didn't say eating pure papaya will make your teeth white, okay? Tooth polish may prevent plaque, tartar, and gum disease for a lifetime of healthy smiles.

Lemon Brite DishWash
- Powered by biodegradable, naturally derived grease-cutting agents, this ultra-concentrated dish detergent quickly breaks down food to save you scrubbing time at the sink. Ah ha, those who sick of squeezing lots of dish wash, yet unable to wash all the plates effectively, good to try this!

T36-C5® Melaleuca Oil - Treats minor cuts, scrapes, bug bites, and burns, gently soothes “ouches,” naturally fights bacteria, naturally penetrates and cleans, and jump-starts the healing process. Most people thought it is the essential oil, it is more than what it looks.

Florify (probiotic) - Florify contains 10 billion CFU of probiotics to help balance and protect your digestive tract for better health and improved nutrient absorption.* This prebiotic helps nourish the healthy bacteria in your digestive tract and encourages their growth. good for people who has stomach or digestive problem.

Well, all you need to do is switch your existing household and health supplements brands to Melaleuca brands, to get more sustainable living and healthy choices. If you are interested to become a smart consumer like me, contact me at piggy091385@gmail.com, or add me at Wechat: piggy091385 (please intro yourself that you want to join as Melaleuca member, cause I don't add stranger unless they explain)

If you enjoy watching video: https://www.youtube.com/user/Melaleuca
Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/melaleuca/
If you like to see photos in Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/melaleuca_inc/

Are you looking forward to Melaleuca into your business income?

If you believe green household products and natural health supplements can make your living better, why don't you get rewarded by recommending Melaleuca wellness and household products to your family and friends? Since its inception, Melaleuca has shared over $4.1 billion with families like yours.

Probably you can write down your goal, and see what you want to achieve in your life. Fix a timeline, so that you won't merely just hope, make your dream come true. If you want to get a better healthy life, save green, and get rewarded by sharing amazing household and health supplements to your family and friends, Melaleuca is your answer.

Now, I didn't say you will become a billionaire just by joining Melaleuca. You will need to work hard on your business, given all fundamentals and product packaging are well prepared for you. You can choose to remain what you are now, or you change to get a better life.

But how much can you earn? First, it's not about making a big bulk of money in the shortest time possible. You need to believe and understand the business value, only you can have hope to achieve what you want in your life, so as to help others in their life.

If you are interested in joining Melaleuca as an entrepreneur, be it part time or anytime basis, and you prefer to look for others to help you with, you can contact me at piggy091385@gmail.com. You can also add me at Wechat: piggy091385, or whatapps me at 0126361428 (please intro yourself that you want to join as Melaleuca member, cause I don't add stranger unless they explain) and tell me you are interested in joining as a member or to earn extra money to build your own income with fundamentals ready for you.

No hanky panky or funny terms and conditions, my mission is to help you to achieve your goals and meet your needs. Let's improve our life, because we support Melaleuca concept.
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