Monday, February 29, 2016

Is Wong Hoy Shan Pork Organs Pepper Soup @ Taman Midah Cheras really 'pepperful'?

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So she proposed to eat at Wong Hoy Shan Pork Organs Pepper Soup. Finally, someone asks me out for a street food, and you gonna sweat as you eat the hot pepper soup in such an open area.

I am almost sick of eating porridge, because I always eat leftover baby porridge cooked by my mom. So, what's so great about porridge? When you have different ingredients inside to blend in the so called rice cooked with lots of water.

Pork ribs and peanuts porridge, not to mentioned that this is really a big bowl of porridge.

Sour and spicy preserved vegetables, always to good to serve with plain porridge or rice. Actually, most of their food are pre-cooked dishes in one big pot, which means it is really flavorful and soft tender meats or dishes.

So this is the pork organs pepper soup, so what's cooking inside?

A close-up of the ingredients: lean meat, pork heart, small intestines, friend intestines, pork blood, pork stomach/ belly, and some onion leaves.

see the big wok there? Yes, a big wok of hot pepper soup.

Comment: Wong Hoy Shan pepper soup would be fantastic for you to try on somehow different. It is not easy to get good pepper in a soup. Cannot compare with Kajang hot pepper soup, but this is not that bad as well.

You gonna sweat as if you are in a sauna. Therefore, casual wear, and yeah, lotsa people come here for dinner though.

Wong Hoi San Pork Organ Pepper Soup
2;;3, Jalan Midah Besar, Taman Midah, 56000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Landmark: It is the 1st food stall along Taman Midah food stall road, Next to a tyre shop or a mamak next to Fb Hotel.

Open only during dinner time 6pm till late, food price per dish would be around RM 10.

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