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Suki Jezz Breast Infection Story

“Scars have the strange power to remind us that our past is real.” ― Cormac McCarthy, All the Pretty Horses

Well, just like how it sounds, this is one of my memorable experiences, but in a painful way…

25 Aug 2014 – it was just 2 weeks after my baby was born. I was breastfeeding as usual, and I did have oversupplied breast milk at that point of time, due to tremendous food and nutritious soup cooked by my confinement lady.

One day, I woke up having my left breast swollen. It is at the upper part, just below my shoulder, and near to my armpit. Identified as milk blockage, it was painful, swollen, and it appeared as a reddish lump for a few days even I had tried all the ways: Warm compression, baby suction; pressing the swollen part hard towards to the areola/ nipple direction, to encourage milk flow. You name it, I tried all.

It didn’t work at all, I went back to Gleneagles Ampang to look for my lactation lady who guided me how to breastfeed my newborn while I was hospitalized after my delivery of my baby. She identified my case as a milk duct problem, and encouraged me to do the warm compression.

Milk duct explaination:

So I went back home, and treated it as normal…. Till I have the same problem for two weeks! Yeah, say I was naïve, I dragged the problem till two weeks! Noticing the affected area is getting even more serious, as in swollen and bigger lump and I was in great pain, I have no choice but to go to Poliklinik Dan Surgeri Wanita near Ampang Point. The address is 32, Jln Mamanda 7, Taman Dato Ahmad Razali, 68000, Ampang Selangor. I didn’t manage to go Gleneagles, because it was a weekend and my gynaecologist in Gleneagles, Dr Tan wasn’t around during the weekend.

A lady Singh Doctor consulted me. She just asked me simple questions, like how long did I have the problem, how do I feel, and guess what? She didn’t even check and examine my affected breast area! Nothing at all! Without seeing the affected area, she had concluded that it is just a simple milk duct. I was shocked how she ‘handled’ my case. Without checking on my breast, she has made her own conclusion? What she did next was, just prescribed some antibiotics. Great, right!

So I have to wait till the following Monday to go to another woman specialist clinic in Taman Pertama, Cheras, thinking that I might have to wait for a long queue in Gleneagles.

This clinic is very popular as well. Cheras Specialist Wanita Cheras, Jalan 2/90, Taman Pertama, 55300 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur. Dr Eee Ching Woo examined and shook his head. “This is not good, this is a very serious breast bacterial infection, and for your case, it had grown into pus. You need to do an operation immediately.” He removed 10ml of pus using a syringe.

‘Normally, most of the first time mommies might get breast infection due to lack of experience in breastfeeding; but for your case, you had dragged too long, it has become pus and this is very serious.

My mind just went blank. Didn’t realize that I had a breast infection and it is that serious. I was shaking and cried, called my loved ones, as Dr Eee told me to go to Pantai Hospital Cheras to do the operation immediately. I was referred to Dr Teoh CM, a general surgeon in Pantai Cheras.

I asked Dr Teoh, “is it really necessary to do the operation? It is hurt to have such a big scar at my breast.” He just looked at me and say: “don’t worry, it is a minor operation. You will be fine. You will get a scar from the operation, as I need to remove all the pus from the affected area.”

Well, you know how it feels when you feel hopeless and lost. Should I proceed with the operation? All I wanted is to give my baby the best protection, by feeding breast milk, but this is painful to have a scar on my breast.

“Why don’t you give a call to Dr Tan LS to seek for second opinion?” my husband asked. “But the clinic doctor from Cheras Specialist Wanita Cheras told me not to drag this problem any longer.” I replied. “Well, no harm calling, right?” “okay, let me call.”

Dr Tan Lay Seng is my gynaecologist. He is professional, experienced, and kind. I called the nurse explaining my situation, and she advised me to come to see Dr Tan immediately. Saying bye bye to Pantai Hospital Cheras, I went to see Dr Tan immediately. He examined my affected breast, pressing lightly on the affected area, and thinking how to solve my problem and sorrow. “Well, removing 10ml pus, yet no sign of fever, it can’t be that serious. Let’s give a try. I will prescribe you antibiotics that are lactation safe for 2-3 days. After that, come back and see me. Do not breastfeed your baby with your affected breast. Pump your left breast, which is your affected area and throw the breast milk away. You can still breastfeed your baby using your right breast, that are not affected.” Remember I had too much milk supply? I threw all of them away, worried that the milk contains bacteria infection.

I just kept praying that I do not need to go for a surgery. Having a scar is so ugly, especially on my breast and going for a cut under operation is my worst nightmare! So after 2-3 days, I went back to see Dr Tan. He said there is no improvement, so he referred me to Dr Lee Sing Hong, a general surgeon in Gleneagles. It was an immediate checkup after my consultation with Dr Tan.

Dr Lee examined my affected breast area. “Oh my god, girl. How can you stand such a pain for so long? This is so serious! Well, you are lucky Dr Tan keep on asking me to check on you first, as I was supposed to rush for a meeting now. You are lucky too, as you do not need an operation. What I will do now, is to make a minor cut, just to let the pus out slowly.”

I tell you I was so happy and I cried for joy hearing the explanation from Dr Lee. “Okay, I will prescribe you antibiotics that are lactation-safe. You have to come again for few times, in order to have the pus completely gone, and I need to ensure the affected part is bacteria free and recovered.

Here, let me show you the affected breast area, and mind me, this is the photos after my minor cut operation by Dr Lee:

after minor operation, red and swollen still
painful experience...

And so, I did recover. I was so glad and happy that I met Dr Tan and Dr Lee, who are so professional, sincere, and kind-hearted. At least, I do not have to undergo an operation. I would take this opportunity to thank both of them, by writing my true story and share to the world.

Lesson learned - Do not delay the treatment or thought that relying on internet information can solve your breast infection problem, or thinking it was just a normal milk duct blockage. Once you detect there is a milk duct or anything unusual, seek for doctor consultant immediately.


PS: just another experience to be shared. I don’t feel comfortable with a peadiatrician in Gleneagles, Dr Iean H.S. The reason being was I was STRONGLY RECOMMENDED by him to buy some eye treatment and anti-bacterial cream whereby my baby was fine, and I don’t know why I need to buy those creams or eye-drops. So, I switched to Dr Patrick Chan, after seeking for recommendations from mommies in Facebook.


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