Tuesday, March 10, 2015

iprice Asia best online source for discount, promotions, coupon and voucher

Nowadays, we know online shopping is the drift and it is convenient. Just a click away, adds items to your online shopping cart, make online payments, and voila, the parcel will be sent to you within days. You can even shop for discounted vouchers to get cheaper deals! Amazing right, the power of internet?

Just one thing, in order for me to buy items or simply just browsing around via online shopping websites, I have to browse through so many different websites like Lazada, Zalora, or Groupon to search for the lowest deal or just to do price comparisons. Although it is convenient, it is time consuming and tiring for me.

So I stumble upon www.iprice.my/coupons/ Asia’s best source for discount, coupon and voucher codes. What iprice did was, it aggregates all the vouchers/ promotions/ products from all the most trusted e-commerce shops in Asia and from here, you can shop globally, just using one platform.

So let’s explore the shopping part. Check out http://iprice.my/shop/ where you can compare all the discounted items, and prices of each item which are retrieved from different e-commerce websites. You can also browse through the products based on its brands. http://iprice.my/brands/

At http://iprice.my/coupons/ you can see there is ‘get the code’ and ‘go to offer’. So what is the difference?

‘Get the code’ is whereby you enter the promotional/ discount code given and visit the e-commerce websites such as Lazada, Zalora, or Groupon to enjoy such discounts.

‘Go to offer’ is to check out what are the offers the e-commerce websites are having.

So much more to offer, now it is so much easier, and iprice helps me to save money, and save time to compare all the discounts and promotions happening on the internet, just go to www.iprice.my/coupons/.

Oh yeah, don’t miss out any updates from iprice, just subscribe to their newsletter: http://iprice.my/coupons/?box=t


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