Sunday, December 13, 2015

Restoran Teochew and Hakka, Jalan Ampang - Dry Ipoh Ho Fun and Teochew porridge

*No longer serve the ala carte dish like keoy teow unfortunately.

20 Nov 2015 - I bumped into this Restaurant Teochew and Hakka Jalan Ampang, when I moved to Ampang and searching for nice food.

the chinese restaurant was decorated with lanterns, contemporary lights, chinese calligraphy, wooden chairs and marble table, and a bicycle was hanging on the wall to beautify the place.

i took some preserved vegetables and a plain porridge. I don't really like the charges because they are charging RM 2-3 per VEGETABLE dish, it's considered not cheap.

What I like is their dry ipoh ho fun. their soya sauce and deep fried onion makes the whole plate of ho fun full of flavours!

They also provide you river fish, but as it is only me and my baby, we couldn't order the fish.

Others ala carte food, for example: nasi lemak, prawn mee, fu zhou fish ball, hainanese chicken chop, and sang har noodle.

Unfortunately, on that day itself, before the boss and lady boss arrived, the indonesian women staff were shouting at each other, make the whole scenario like asking for better price in vegetable stalls. And then, I have to change my baby diapers, but they do not have any extra dustbin displayed outside. 2 workers ask me to bring the dirty diaper to the back of the kitchen all by myself. I was so busy with my baby, and they want me to take my baby and the diaper and purposely throw the diaper into their big dustbin at their wet kitchen. Seriously?

I have no choice, so I place the diaper under the basin. They all passed by the basin, walk up and down, still shouting, without even bother to help to throw the diapers, until the lady boss and a guy friend or partner came to the shop.

Food is nice, but your service, perhaps, train your staff about manners and etiquette?

Reply from the owner: Thank you for coming to our Chinese restaurant. We have been operating for past 5 years and we value our customers feedback very much. Your concern is very much noted and we have added 2 more dustbins, near the entrance and at the back of the washroom. We sincerely apologised for the bad service by one of our staffs and action have been duly taken. We strive to give excellent food and a friendly service and looking forward to your patronage in the future.

Restoran Teochew and Hakka

Add: 363-1, Jalan Ampang, Batu 4, Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone: 03-4256 5633
Tue-Sun: 7:30 am - 9:30 pm
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