Sunday, November 8, 2015

1 day trip to Gold Coast Morib - Shun Ping Temple Tanjung Sepat, and Golden Sea Restaurant

1 Nov 2015 - After the massive jam and hot sun, and muddy grass in Foodgasm 2015, we continue to our next stop - to Morib, Gold Coast. Never knew it took even 1 more hour from PJ to reach to here!

We have to pass through lots of small narrow village roads, and I end up 'almost' tokyo drift my car...pressing the brake and turning left at the same time, just because I miss seeing an exit at my left. However, I am surprised the GPS works so well in the village area.

We stopped by this small temple in Tanjung Sepat - Shun Ping Temple. Thought just to go for a simple prayer. An old grandma saw us and ask us if we are coming here to ask her 'questions'. turned out she is a medium. Well, since we were here, and we had never tried before, we just give a try, just for fun.

Husband sits down, and 'niang niang' grandmother starts to speak malay to him! and her malay was good....

She told me husband needs a change of luck, and lack of what he did was....

walk in circle at the flagpole...

burnt some joss paper, offer some money in angpow to the 'niang niang' and some donation to the temple, took some flowers water to bring back to wash off the bad luck during shower, and have to drink the water with some burnt chanted paper for 4 days, and use both hands to swipe the face up and down for 3 times....

Hmmm...well, the good thing is the medium doesn't really ask for lots of money. Her children explained to me many people from far will come all the way to ask her questions, and she is quite 'accurate'. 'niang niang' says although many people asks on behalf of other people by providing her their chinese date of birth and year of birth, the best is still for you to go and meet her in person.

I was laughing and ask, " my husband doesn't have chinese birthday, how are you gonna predict?" "he comes in person, so it is okay, because I can see his face."

Operating hours: 10am - 6pm, after 830pm...prefer call to make appointment.

Hp: 012-6793409 (niang niang)

Add: 400, Kampung Batu Untung, 42800, Tanjong Sepat, Selangor.

I see...okay, next.....

We passed by Golden Seafood Restaurant. It was facing the Morib Gold Coast beach. I saw the sea was so far away at 3pm, so we didn't walked all the way to the sea. But, anyway, heard it is dirty and not suitable for swimming either, so probably just take a walk on sand, and listen to the musical wind.

Add: Lot 13045 42700 Banting Selangor

We were so thirsty that we ordered 3 coconut water, each RM 5.

This is the surrounding, the boss told me they also have some turtles as pets. In chinese, we believe turtles represent long life...

When I go to seafood restraurant, the first thing that I must order is fried lala meehoon. It is not easy to find the nice one. I only can recall I had a good fried lala meehoon only in Kuala Selangor.

Well, they passed, not bad, but almost RM 20....hmmm...not cheap though.

See their kam heong bamboo clam? Kam Heong is always good to cook with seafood/ shell-fish.

The boss strongly recommends this salted fried prawn mantis,which is not in their menu. and yeap, it was really really delicious.

The "niang niang" relative introduces me to Asam Batu Laut Restaurant instead.

Add: Banting Sungai Mosok, Batu Laut, Kampung Nelayan, Tanjung Sepat, Malaysia
And we passed by a coffee shop by the name of handmade hailam bun, the coffee shop name is Kedai Kopi IUI in Dengkil if not mistaken. The sellers do not understand any local languages that I speak.

Their pao fillings are too little, but the flour was okay, and their hailam coffee are really aromatic and nice.

Kedai Kopi IUI
95, Jalan Besar Dengkil, 43800 Dengkil, Selangor.


Any other places or food that I have missed out?
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