Wednesday, October 28, 2015

World Bachata Festival 2015 in Wisma Bentley, PJ

24 Oct 2015 - I came across World Bachata Festival event when I saw Ms Yan Li posting in a facebook event group. And I was so curious what is Bachata all about, and it turned out to be so interesting! 

So what is the festival all about? The festival focuses on celebrating Bachata, a sexy and sensual partner dance from the Dominican Republic. It will also include other popular Latin Rhythms like Salsa, Merengue, Zouk and Kizomba. Latin Dance lovers from Malaysia and the world will come together to experience an amazing, inspiring weekend! wow, now you feel like shaking your butt and sway your leg, huh?

I was delighted when I was invited by Ms Liitha, the founder and organizer of the World Bachata Festival 2015. I invited another 3 of my lady buddies to join straight for the Saturday night - performance party on 24 Oct 2015 in Wisma Bentley.

I was helping Ms Liitha to do some PR marketing and also blogger invitation. Talking about this, sighed, it was not easy to become a PR media agency. We have to deal with clients, arranging the media invitation, make sure the media and bloggers did showed up for the event, and after that, to make sure the bloggers write about the project, and the list goes on. As responsible and workaholic as it is,I hope that clients understand my situation and I hope bloggers do understand their commitment when it comes to this.

We reached at 8:30 pm, with a slight delay on the dance performances time, so the usual routine, let us take a selfie first:

So these are the dance performance from World Bachata Festival 2015 that you have missed out:

However, my phone battery went dead after recording Jessica Smith's dance show. So allow me to off from my work, and let my pair of eyes enjoy watching the whole show instead of video recording with my shaky hands, haha!

I am so proud to see The KL Son Project performing in our classic Baju Kebaya (ladies) and the gentlemen are really have a sense of humor. The unexpected transformation would be La Rueda Dance from Thailand, the most organised dance performance will be La Avante from Singapore, the most innovative creative bachata dance show was Cin and Beau from Thailand, performing their fusion Bachata dance, Kalnish Schubert from Malaysia performing classic Bollywood dance, and my most favourite Bachata dance throughout the night is Jessica Smith and Juan Carlosfrom Cali Colombia, and also Juan Ignacio Ruiz (who is also the emcee of the night) and Shade from Australia, talk about multi-talents, they are really awesome!

thanks to the dance performers!

To those who loves to see dance performance, like to learn in dance workshop, and those who enjoys meeting dancers from all around the world, you shouldn't miss the show. World Bachata Festival is being held every year, in KL, Malaysia, but who knows? We can hope to see the festival will be 'travelling' around the world! See you next year!

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