Friday, October 16, 2015

My CNY Celebration 2014 - Potluck Style

8 Feb 2014 - Dong dong chiang! Alright, our very 1st year after getting married, and what do the Chinese will ask?

"Eh, pretty, 1st year married couple need to give double angpow oh!"

(=.=) No choice la, most important you are happy to get the angpow, it is a blessing for me anyway.

Eh, hello, you need to come to my house to pay me a visit, or when we meet, only I give you angpow okay? *giggled.

Well, I decided to do an open house, but buffet is so boring, and I am so terrible in cooking! So, how?

And then, I decided to have Chinese New Year potluck style. Potluck style means each guests need to bring 1 type of food/ drinks/ fruits, we gather all the food and drinks, get to enjoy so many various food.

Oh ya, we need to separate the non-halal and halal food, as we invited our Malay friends to join us to celebrate CNY.

So this is the food list:

I directly pack the delicious yong tau foo and crispy popiah from the famous Jalan Ipoh Yong tau foo.

Ginny bought the super big soup dumpling from a Sri Petaling food court stall.

Local malay currypuff, our favoutire malay kuih.

Super love Ms Regina decorating the vegetarian colorful Lou Sang (prosperity toss)

Do you know which country started the prosperity toss? *evil laugh....

And so, chicken seems always the popular choices among the family...


and KFC...

Rabia's friend baked a Fun Charity CNY cake! How wonderful!

The Fun Charity gang!

So, as you know, I need to start giveaway angpow lo...this is the proof I give double, everyone is taking double packets of angpow!

The KL couchsurfing gang!

So, next time, perhaps, potluck is a cool way to organize events and parties!
But, those who end up don't know what to buy, trust me, they will buy fast food chicken! LOL!

Enjoy our Life in Good Ways,
Suki Jezz
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