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Review of Ossoto Spa - Pampering Moments with Family

28 June 2015 - I have heard of Ossoto Spa since 2014, just that my thoughts on spa especially it was mostly meant for men - the 'special' spa for the guys to go, so I was bit skeptical, when I was invited to go to Ossoto Spa.

Ossoto Spa was truly a heaven place. At here, you will be treated as king and queen, and all the staff welcoming you with their best smiles and being professional in their uniform attire. The surrounding is like a hotel palace.

Here is the catch. Enjoy a unlimited 24 hours of services of jacuzzi, fish spa, sauna, steam, food, drinks, cinema, resting room, gym, sports recreation area (pingpong), internet cafe, all at one price.

The Price to Pay

Their currrent price is RM 78 for women, and RM 98 for men. Peak hours which are Friday midnight till Sat late night are more expensive, fixed at both woman and man RM 128. If you stay more than 24 hours, you will pay for the next day fee.

Any other services that require manpower, for example: hair treatment, pedicure, manicure, massage, faical treatment will be additional costs, but hey, the prices are fairly reasonable as well. their sleeping cubicle are priced at RM 10 only.

They are having promos like if you check out before 6pm, you will get to enjoy 20% off the bill.

Jockey Parking for 24 hours are RM 15 flat, or else if you prefer the normal price parking, just before you go into the jockey parking. It really depends on how long will you stay in Ossoto Spa.

No hanky panky, no alcohol, no gambling allowed, food and drinks are all pork free and non-alcoholic. Good, I was so worried, those people who just finish clubbing just come straight into Ossoto, yuck!

I went to the normal membership, and I read they also have different VIP passes, perhaps that would be more exclusive.

The Woman Toilet Area is Too Small

The only thing that I dislike was the women's jacuzzi (only up to 8pax) and the toilet area is so small, while the men's area has much bigger jacuzzi and other facilities. Heard that the owner miscalculated, thinking that men is willing to invest more than ladies. Hey, ladies want to get pampered too. He was shocked when so many inquiries were from the women, haha! But still, hope that the company will figure out ways to renovate the women's toilet area bigger and more spacious.

So, good enough, Ossoto Spa is meant for everyone, from young till old, but unfortunately, they do not give any other privileges to senior citizens 60 years old and above, or disabled people. I mean they should consider those who fall into such category cannot really enjoy most of the services. What are they gonna do? They only can eat, and rest, that's all.

Oh yeah, you cannot even book, as they have this first come first serve policy, meaning if you come all the way from other states, just go to Ossoto Spa KL, be prepared that you might just end up standing outside if they are full house.

The Food - Not Delicious but What Do We Expect?

Dining Area

The food is either served as per order, or they have buffet selection during the peak hours period, like Friday and Saturday. I went there twice, the food is not delicious, and lots of carbos and fried stuff. If you are a health conscious people, you won't have much choices. The taste of the food is not impressive at all, but then again, what do we expect? everything included with a price below RM 100, cannot have high hope in taking delicious food.

And, I went to their cafe on 3rd floor, you can play board games and have your casual chit chat with your friends. I ordered the most delicious food in the cafe, which is....

Maggie Mee, haha!

Their signature drink is iced chocolate, and yes, it is very nice!

The mini cinema is located just next to the c lounge cafe. It was super dark, and I notice many people is having foot massage in the dark cinema. wonder how did the massuer able to massage the foot in such a dark area.

And I bring my baby to the spa, since it is a family gathering. There you go, finally baby got his private area, the baby room! so colorful and there is a TV for children to watch cartoon.

A lady approached me, asking if it is wise to bring baby to Ossoto Spa. I told her if there is someone to take turn to take care of the baby, so that the mothers can enjoy some private moment in the sauna, jacuzzi, steam. Then, it shouldn't be a problem.

There is a lot of private resting room and huge sofa chairs for you to sleep and rest, with comfy blankets being placed on each chair. You can even order food and drinks by pressing the buttons to call for waiter. they also provide LCD TV for each chair, most probably so that the guests can enjoy watching movie while resting, but the staff said that it is not operating at the moment.

I want to go spa too....

Those who has diabetic, diseases, health complications, and children are not advisable to go to Jacuzzi and fish spa, as this kind of public area normally contain lots of bacteria and virus.

Ossoto Spa

Add: Wisma Mirama, 50460 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: +60 3-2145 1122




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