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Review: My Hair Treatment Experience with The Met KL Saloon, Jalan Sultan Ismail

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The Met KL Hair Saloon

So anyway, on 20 July 2015, I was thrilled when I get to enjoy a sponsored hair spa treatment:

Hair Awakening Treatment - To nourish and strengthen your hair and Scalp Revitalizing Treatment to Dense fix scalp treatment to support hair growth.

My hair condition - curly, frizzy and lots of hair, something like Shuqi or Shakira, just that I cannot afford my own hair stylist, lolz!

terrible frizzy hair

Ever since my delivery, I did not really go to saloon to fix my hair. My baby enjoys pulling my hair and smiled back with pleasure when I told baby that it is pain when baby pulls mom's hair. and I always tie up my hair, as my hair is really out of shape.

In the saloon, Jeffrey, the hair professional who is expert in hair coloring, welcomes me as I stepped in. They have a look in my hair condtion, suggest what kind of hair treatment will be suitable for my frizzy hair.

Ray, one of the staff took care of my hair and scalp treatment. To my surprise, although they know they offer their hair treatment for free to me, they do not use cheap or low-cost products.

Fresh Curls addresses the specific needs of different types of curly hair with new technologies and products specifically formulated for each type of curl.

l'oreal mythic oil

The New Mythic Oil Treatment Bar features indulgent salon rituals that use powerful oil concentrates to clarify, deeply nourish and protect the color, returning hair to a balanced state. Luxurious massage techniques improve product penetration and promote ultimate relaxation.

l'oreal power repair lipidium

L'oreal Power Repair Lipidium - An in-salon treatment which increases the look of suppleness and shine.

Their saloon is full of Redken hair products, and I saw most of the Redken advertisement is full of curly sexy hair product image. Well, it's time for me to change brand!

When Ray told me I have lots of damaged split ends, most probably because my previous hair stylist did hair thinning on my hair, which is not ideal for frizzy curly hair people. so, knowing that I really don't have time for another round of saloon visits, I took the haircut priced at RM90++ , just because also I trust them to handle my hair.

Isabella is the hair expert in The Met KL Saloon, and when she cuts my hair, she says:"I will teach you how to maintain your hair, and try to style your hair by yourself. Now, I will do a transcend cut for you."

And I was thinking, okay, today is a hair tutorial day! What is transcend cut anyway? 
Hairstyles that never go out style!

suddenly, I feel that they are really don't mind telling me more tips, and therefore I asked Isabella: "You know, when we were young, my friends will tell me that if you don't like your hair, shave it all, and you will grow more beautiful, softer hair, is it true?"

she laughed back and say: "your friends must be trying to tease you. your hair root is the base, you won't get nicer hair even after you had shaved it all." Haha, luckily, I did not listen to my friends.

Left - unfinished, Right - Blowed hair style, behind is Isabella!

start blowing and styling my hair...
RedKen Smooth Lock gently smoothes strands for a sleek, manageable look that lasts up to 10 shampoos and reduces daily styling time! 

And here it goes!

my hair is alive!

back view

They are truly hair expert and hair professionals as they had mentioned...they don't simply hard-sell your products, just recommend you products that suit your hair condition....all staff are passionate and motivated in their work, sharing lots of hair tutorial and tips in how to manage your hair by yourself...

Some hair tutorial of the day:
  1. Use warm temperature water to wash your hair after shampooing.
  2. use cold water to rinse your hair after applying conditioner or hair mask treatment. this is to ensure the moisture is lock inside your hair.
  3. If you feel that you always sctarch your hair scalp due to itchiness, and if you don't have scalp problem, probably you just have to wash your hair more frequent to daily basis. the hair scalp is itchy probably due to the humid weather in Malaysia.
  4. when you are blowing your curly frizzy hair, set the maximum power but the lowest temperature. the hotter it is, your hair will become even more frizzy.
  5. fresh curl should be bouncy and moisture. use the right moisture products.
  6. higher metabolism will grow healthy hair. does this mean, we need to eat well, sleep well, exercise well, to get healthy hair?

Good work for isabella, Jeffrey, and Mr shy Ray...

The Met KL Saloon:

Add: 9,Ground Floor, President House,Park Royal Hotel, Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Tel: 03-2148 1111


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