Monday, July 27, 2015

Suki Jezz first Fashion Blog - Tapas Fashion, Kitschen, H&M, Uniqlo, American Eagle

5 July 2015 - Lately, I visited a lot of blogs, and see that most of the bloggers blog about food, and fashion, followed by travel and health.

Well, I do not want to miss the fun to blog for fashion and beauty as well! Oh ya, by the way, just got to know Zalora is now offering my readers a 15% off from your online shopping spree. Just go to Zalora Website and key in promo code ZBAPQFA6 to enjoy the discount, hooray! (1st time user only)

My Fashion Style
I am not those who follow fashion on trend, or else I will probably see someone wearing the same clothes asI do during the trend.

I hardly pick up on those plain or stripes design, because it is almost seen in everywhere!

I prefer timeless, practical fashion trend, with a little of sexiness and oh yeah, I love mostly free size, stretchable clothes, but the clothes size from Thailand or China are unpredictable small.

Slit Thigh Trend
Okay, ever since Angeline Jolie has thie crazy slit thigh dress trend, I have been wanting to own one of those slit dress or skirt.

I browsed through the internet and probably thought of buying those slit skirts or dresses from the internet, but ....they are all look the same, boring, and expensive, costs about like RM 200? for such price, I rather go to real retail shops to shop for one. and YES, I found my dreamed slit thigh dresses and skirts from this shop named as Tapas Fashion in Paradigm Mall.

Tapas Fashion Boutique:

Tapas Fashion has quite a similar boutique design as TeeToo. Tapas Fashion is located At Sunway Pyramid ( Asia avenue first floor) and Paradigm Mall 2nd floor .

Here comes the office slit skirt in dark red - RM40
Top Maroon red is from H&M

Actually these are 2 different dresses, the left dress is in dark blue, and the right dress is in dark grey. Notice the front neck cutting? Each priced at RM50.

Like the sexy back style

Excuse my lazy eyes, lolz!

After that, I went a bit hair-wired and go shop this geometric pattern blue dress RM50 from Kitschen.

And I ask my hubby and baby Giacomo to take a father-and-son look-alike attire.

Baby long sleeve shirt RM 17 from H&M, Father bottom camouflage pants RM 129.90 from Uniqlo.

And then, I went to buy this super comfortable American Eagle ballerina shoes from Payless Shoes Store, which I believe they are selling off branded shoes that are off-season.

Have fun shopping!

Oh yeah, by the way, the slit dress and skirts thing, probably I might need to sew or need to wear a black bottom instead, it is really revealing your sexy leg up to the thigh! Too sexy for me, but I like it! 15% off

Oh ya, by the way, just got to know Zalora is now offering my readers a 15% off from your online shopping spree. Just go to Zalora Website and key in promo code ZBAPQFA6 to enjoy the discount, hooray! (1st time user only)


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