Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Suki Jezz favourite Ramadan Moment 2015

Previously, I had blogged about my favourite Ramadhan food: http://jesonestop.blogspot.com/2011/08/my-way-of-break-fast-buka-puasa.html

And I am still a fan of Ramadhan food. I was born in a Malay neightbourhood area, where I started visited Malay and Mamak stalls when I was very young. I even asked the aunty in the stall what are the kuih names, so thjat next time I can buy the same kuih-muih whenever I go.

Last time, we still heard of 3 kuih for RM 1. Now, it is priced at RM 0.40 per kuih, which I totally understand, with the cost of living rise among us.

But, the taste are definitely not as wonderful as last time. I remembered visiting a Ramadhan stall, noticing that there are 2 different Seri Murka kuih selling at different sizes, and even the top green part is somehow having different green color. I asked the seller: "Kenapa kedua-dua seri murka ini tak sama warna?" meaning, why does both kuih look different? "Oh, tak sama punya supplier." Meaning the kuih are from two different suppliers. And also this means that none of the sellers are actually doing the kuih by themselves. They just buy from the kuih supplier, and just sell with some fast money to earn during Ramadhan month.

Now, this year was the worst experience I had ever had. I went to Kampong Baru Ampang Ramadhan Pasar. I remembered buying this kuih from a couple of old grandma and grandpa, and this is the crap that I get:

Less than a teaspoon of curry potato as fillings. I was super disappointed! Some of the Ampang community replied my posting saying that "karipap phantom dah balik."

So, the next time I visit Ramadhan market, I went to a bigger one this time - Sungai Besi Ramadhan market.

This time, I visited the stalls that only sell either only ONE type of food, or selling only that few particular typical food, for example, I bought the Roti Jala from a guy who sells only Roti Jala.

And this is my dinner (left side of the photo)

  • My favourite kuih-muih- Currypuff, karipap sardin (but no one did pure sardines anymore, so sad), cucur badak, roti jala
  • lemang + rendang daging (I don't understand why they do not want to do much rendang ayam, because most chinese do not eat beef)
  • gula melaka (this one I just buy to test, as the whole stall is making only gula melaka)
  • otak-otak ikan (fish still tastes the best)

The main course

  • Ayam Golek *Red plastic bag (I ask aunty, apa tu ayam golek? she cannot explains at all. It seems they try to roast the chicken like Kenny Roger style, but it is not nice at all)
  • Ikan Pedas in the plastic bag and in the container *strongly recommend- Now, this one it is very interesting. what the seller did was, they cook a whole pot of asam pedas sauce, and cook with 5-6 different kinds of fishes (tenggiri, siakap, and many more)
And how did you buka puasa? Oh ya, Selamat Hari Raya ^.^


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