Monday, July 27, 2015

Maluri Noodle House - Famous Pork Noodle

18 July 2015 - My mom introduces me to this pork noodle shop in Maluri. Honestly, I am not a pork noodle fan, probably just because I like noodle soup with an uncooked egg in the hot soup. and 'poking' the egg, mix with the soup, yummy!

This all-I-want in one big bowll, RM 15 with every pork stuff you want. Hubby says: "Can you stop taking pictures of the food everytime we go out to eat?" "I want to blog about the place!" I replied. He just rolled his eyes.

See 13 kinds of pork ingredients! My hubby says the only parts are not in the list are pork ears and pork tongue, ewwwwwwwww...........

Tried the curry mee, but it is not as good as the thick curry noodle I had tried from Jalan Alor, a stall near to KFC Sungai Wang. I don't know why pork noodles shop serving curry noodle. Maybe some customers do not prefer to eat pork noodle, but so far I haven't tasted any nice one in any of the pork noodles shop.

I looked at this coffee ice, and I told my hubby that this looks good, but, turned out it is just normal. And when I looked at their cafe area, it seems they had prepared both coffee and tea earlier in a big mug, crap!

And I became greedy. After finished the curry noodle and the big bowl of pork noodles, I order the dried type of soya sauce noodles, just to test on the soy sauce that they used. hubby look at me with wide big eyes: "stop ordering, we come another time." I insisted to order, and it turns out, NOTHING SPECIAL. And we end up stuffing ourselves finishing the last bowl.

Honestly, I prefer Midah Pork Bone Soup Noodle (rich and tasty pork bone soup), and Restoran Mama Love in Batu 9 Cheras (Home-made meatballs)

馬魯里豬肉粉 (Maluri Noodle House)
No. 56, Jalan Jejaka 9, Malaysia

*You cannot find the Maluri Pork Noodle House in GPS, as 'pork noodles' is general words and GPS might direct you to different pork noodles shop. Probably you try GPS public bank Maluri. when public bank is at your right, turn to the shop row next to public bank, after first row before the first backlane, you shall see the shop.


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