Monday, July 27, 2015

Durian Fever is back! Nice Musang King Durian in Taman Midah, Cheras

7 July 2015 - It is durian season again! Everyone start to hunt for durian, and this year, I think it is bit crazy, some people even create durian bun, durian pizza, fried durian ice-cream.....ewww....

Anyway, this very night, the smell of durian is irrestible. it has seduced me and my family members to try to eat durian, as we can smell the durian, 3 blocks away from the durian stall. We have not been eating durian for quite some years!

And we walked to the durian stall....

The second famous durian after Musang King is called 竹脚...don't have english name, hmmmm.....

"Leng Zai, which durian is the best?" I asked. "Musang King la, that is why this durian is named as the King."

So, we choose Musang King, with the price of RM 30 per kg, this durian is RM 40 with almost 16-20 rich yellow flesh inside.

Musang King durian is truly the king, 3 of us finished everything.

Leng Zai said that the durian season was supposed to be from the month of March till May, followed by September till December, but due to the recent flood case in Kelantan, it affects the durian season. If you see durian are sold almost everyday, you should know, don't go to that stall, most likely those durians are full of chemicals and color injections, and preservatives.

Be prepared to have hot body, no not sexy hot, heat up your body those kinda hot temperature, and burning your ass while going to the toilet, after eating durian.

Piau Siang Durian Trading, outside Tesco Extra Taman Midah Cheras. +017-6161553

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