Thursday, July 23, 2015

Big Bad Wolf Book Sales Becomes Bigger - BookXcess bookstore

20 July 2015 - Most of us will already heard of Bid Bad Wolf Book Sales, where people will go crazy during its 24 hours sales, making long queue, bringing in their big luggage bags to stuff all the heavy books they had bought, and the worst is to get caught in the traffic jam in the Mines area.

Most of the books in BBW are imported from other countries, with most of the books are in english languages. The books are cheap as they are categorised as remaining books, or shall we say most books that are outdated publication; which is okay for me, because some knowledge in books are timeless, and they are not following trends, unlike fashion.

Luckily, BBW founder heard my complaints and sorrows. Haha, just joking. To be frank, although once a while I do enjoy reading, I have never been to BBW book sales before, as I am those who is not motivated to get caught in the jam, making long queue, to buy books.

I passed by Farenheit 88 one day, and I found BookXcess book store. And sure enough, the books are really cheap! They have all kinds of books: Fiction, non-fiction, kids and children books, education supplies, toys, food recipe books, and many more.

What caught me was they even sell tin sign and also cool posters! So now, those who are into interior design can decorate walls even nicer!

 And after spending some time, I finally bought this cute little duckling bathtime book for my baby.

And when I am writing about my sharing visiting the BookXcess book store, I am curious with their accessibility, and I found out that BookXcess does have its online store as well! And they are selling the book at the same price, probably just charge you the reasonable transport charges.

Well, for me, I am not an online shopper. I still prefer to go to the store, to check out the real stuff, before deciding what to buy, don't judge its book by its cover, haha!

Well, that's me, but you might be enjoying online book purchase, which is convenient, save time, and save petrol as well.

Well, to compared Book Xcess with our local Popular bookshop, probably if you are chinese education and if you are looking for specific educational school books, Popular Bookshop will be a better choice.

If to compared with MPH or Kinokuniya, probably BookXcess book store is better because they are cheaper, unless you already have a specific target book title to search for.

Have fun reading and buying books! E-book is not my thing....yet....


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