Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A catch up in PH Pastry House in LakeFields, Sungai Besi

Lakefield Sungai Besi is definitely one hidden part away from the KL city, where most of the offices and big bungalows are hidden at here, lolz.

It is a Malay area though, if there are more fusion or international food opened in Sungai Besi, I will come here more often for sure.

but not really many choices of food for me in Sungai Besi. so I made a 'date' with my darling, Zoe to PH Pastry House, as a place to catch up and to have dinner.

Zoe is a coffee addict, I remembered her ordering a cup of coffee everywhere she goes. she is a coffee hunter!

To be frank, I expect the cafe should be only famous with their desserts since they name their cafe as Pastry House. I was wrong. Their mushroom charcoal pizza is surprisngly delicious and tasty.
Don't get deceived just because the pizza is black in colour, it was really something different.

I was in Mikey's Original New York Pizza in Publika, the pizza slices are just too big, and the toppings are just moderate. I prefer this charcoal mushroom pizza than Mikey's Pizza.

Staffs from PH Pastry House recommends its famous signature dessert - Blueberry Strudel, so we ordered this one.

Most of PH Pastry House desserts are truly in big portion. Unless you are a big fan of dessert lover, and you can manage to train yourself to take up double dessert portions from outside, you can go yourself. If not, go with your friends, or you might end up pack back the remaining portion, but take away leftover sorbets? hmmm...

1, Jalan Tasik Utama 3, Lake Fields Sg. Besi,
57000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Tel: +603 9054 8339
Fax: +603 9054 8332
E-mail: info@phpastryhouse.com.my

They have website, but not really up to date. you can check out their facebook for more updates and promos. https://www.facebook.com/pastryhousekl


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