Monday, January 20, 2014

Sell, Buy and Save your Books at

Sell, Buy and Save your Books at

So everyone is thrilled with book fairs organized by big organizations such as Popular Book Fair or the Big Bad Wolf Book Fair. We will be enjoying our leisure time to read on the lovely books. Now, what’s next after you had finished reading your book?

Keen to recycle? Give away? Or throw?

I had browsed through this fantastic website where you can have your unwanted books sold online.

BookUp is a Malaysia based startup which aims to buy and sell unwanted books.

The founder of BookUp, Mike Chu understands that one of the main problems faced by students nowadays is expensive textbooks. Not all students come from rich families and almost every semester, students have to fork out hundreds of ringgits to buy textbooks which at the end of the semester, they don’t use them anymore. There are an average of 0.9million students in Malaysia and just imagine how paper are we wasting if things keeps on going like this.

Through BookUp, Mike aims to create a platform for students to buy/sell these used textbooks. Of course, besides targeting textbooks purchase solution, he welcomes everyone who plans to sell and buy books via BookUp.

Therefore, the buyer can get all kinds of books at a cheaper rate and the seller gets to clear off their unwanted books and make some extra cash.

Here all three simple steps:

Also, imagine the impact of recycling on environment. All in one, reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Plus, you can save and earn at the same time! Check out their video:

For more info, check out

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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Lantern Mid-Autumn Festival 2013 at Leisure Mall, Cheras

Lantern Mid-Autumn Festival 2013 at Leisure Mall, Cheras

I remembered playing lanterns and lighting candles for mid-autumn festival during my childhood times. What we did were taking out our new lanterns, and lighting all candles on our marble round table in our mini garden when we stayed our rented shop houses...and walked around in the dark.

Nowadays, even most of the shopping centers have to be trendy with all festival seasons by making beautiful decorations at the shopping centers. Of course, the target is to attract more shoppers to hang out at their shopping centers and also to spend money to buy gifts during festive seasons.

let's play chess!

So the nearest and also one of the oldest shopping malls in Cheras – is Leisure Mall at Taman Segar. Lots of youngsters enjoy hanging out at Leisure Mall.(okay, I am not young, but I still go!)

Surrounded by lanterns...

So this was their lantern decoration, with the mixture of old tradition with modern art decoration.

Oops, took this cute prawn sushi from Sakae Sushi when I was at Leisure Mall.

sakae sushi sea lovers...


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Monday, January 6, 2014

La Risata, Italian food Wanders and Wonders

**14 Nov 2015 - Finally, I get to go upstairs of La Risata, as they were super crowded and fully booked at their downstair area, and their top floor dining area was even more amazing.

Just that the food and the presentation were not as good as before....Hmmmm..

Looking for delicious Italian food with reasonable price? Try La Risata

The surrounding of La Risata Ampang

28 July 2013 - As I decided to have my Sunday as my family and also my off day, I tend to explore food around klang valley area with my loved ones.

So we stopped by at La Risata at Ampang, for a tryout of Italian food. I wonder why, Malaysia always chooses mushroom soup and spaghetti as their choices for Italian food. Maybe during the days when we learn about Italian food, it is all about mushroom and pasta only.

Ah ha! Try something different this time round!

  • Gnocchi Chorizo (RM 28.00) - Homemade potato dumplings with lamb chorizo sausage & ricotta cheese in a red pepper sauce 

Gnocchi Chorizo

  • La Parmigiana e Melanzane (RM 16.00) - delicious eggplants with tomato, mozzarella & parmesan cheese 
La Parmigiana e Melanzane

  • · Pizza Vegetali (RM 27.00) Vegetarian pizza- Grilled eggplant, roasted cherry tomato, pine-nut, pesto, ricotta cheese, tomato & mozzarella 
Pizza Vegetali

And oh yes, I am very sure you have to try something different apart from mushroom soup or typical normal spaghetti. La Risata is definitely a decent place with delicious food being served for you.

And how can we leave the venue without a glass of wine and a cup of Espresso?

Salute! Ciao!

Oh ya, by the way, you must be curious why I didn’t write much about food review and my thoughts about the food… I only write things that are really good and I do not write for commercial purpose.

Join me for a food journey some days, or maybe you bring me along into your food journey?

La Risata Ampang,

Add: 16 Pesiaran Ampang
55000 Kuala Lumpur

t.603 4252 6269
f.603 4257 9503