Thursday, January 9, 2014

Lantern Mid-Autumn Festival 2013 at Leisure Mall, Cheras

Lantern Mid-Autumn Festival 2013 at Leisure Mall, Cheras

I remembered playing lanterns and lighting candles for mid-autumn festival during my childhood times. What we did were taking out our new lanterns, and lighting all candles on our marble round table in our mini garden when we stayed our rented shop houses...and walked around in the dark.

Nowadays, even most of the shopping centers have to be trendy with all festival seasons by making beautiful decorations at the shopping centers. Of course, the target is to attract more shoppers to hang out at their shopping centers and also to spend money to buy gifts during festive seasons.

let's play chess!

So the nearest and also one of the oldest shopping malls in Cheras – is Leisure Mall at Taman Segar. Lots of youngsters enjoy hanging out at Leisure Mall.(okay, I am not young, but I still go!)

Surrounded by lanterns...

So this was their lantern decoration, with the mixture of old tradition with modern art decoration.

Oops, took this cute prawn sushi from Sakae Sushi when I was at Leisure Mall.

sakae sushi sea lovers...


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