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Suki Jezz holiday in Thailand – Day Two Adventurous Trip

My first holiday trip in Thailand – Day Two The 'Adventurous' Trip 


5 Jan 2013 – Today is the 'Adventure' day. As we do not pre-plan anything for this holiday trip, we took up the local holiday tour package, having to negotiate the price at 50% off plus just a little bit more. There are many different local tour packages for you to choose, don’t stick to one place only, you might get cheaper rates at the next shop.

The holiday tour agent will arrange a small van to pick tourists up from their hotels in the early morning. I would say half day would be good for our tour: ATV ride, elephant ride, snake show, and monkey show.

ATV ride was fun, where each of us feels ‘macho’ riding in this big machine car. We had a 15-20 minute ride, with the assistance of the local guide, who needs to take good care of our safety as well.

Now who is the mafia?

Let's take a ride!

We stopped by to see a big Buddha far from a distance, and headed back to the camp later on.

Big Buddha....

As usual, they ‘lured’ us with our instant photo where they snap a picture of us, with the price of 200 Thai Baht. Well, you might find it is cheap if you convert the price into your own US or European dollar.

Next, elephant ride. It has been a while, since I took a ride on an elephant in the zoo when I was young. Touching the elephant, feeling its trunk and skin, feel so good.

Hi, jumbo!

Daniele on the elephant...

 The only thing that I don’t like is, every time we go on for something, there will be locals come to sell us stuff or souvenirs, and they ask for an unreasonable price. So, as you must be thinking, how can they sell while we were on the elephant ride? They ordered the elephants to stop a while, so we assumed the elephants might need the rest, only then we saw each tour guide on each elephant presented you a box of local souvenirs., trying to sell you whatever is in the boxes. What? Again! Crap!

Lucky enough, the next stop, the snake show and the monkey show, we were not being approached to buy anything. Give us a break from the selling thing, please?

The snake show was thrilling, with the snake trainer trying to touch, and kiss the bride, no, I mean the snake. He told me that he was bitten by his snakes and being sent to hospital with serious injuries. Yet, he still continues his job, guess he is addicted with the poison of this job!

We managed to watch jumping snake, cobra and king cobra in the show...

Poison Ivy...


Kissing the snake!

Next, the monkey show. Thumbs up on this monkey, where he can perform so many stances! Check out more at the video and let's see some of the shoots:

Stand up, hands at your back!

going to the gym, weight lifting!

Standing on top of my head, please don't pee!

Almost thought he is going to attack me!

Kissing in action...

After the monkey show, we took a photo with the junior elephant.

On the way going back hotel, the van driver suggested to bring us for some real shooting. We went to the second stop as the first one is really too expensive.

Showing you the bullets...
Well, I am a bad shooter, haha! Miss most of the shoots! This showed that I am not qualified to be a shooter at all! Taking Caliber 22'

Ready? Just act cool, but poor results!

The Phuket shooting range
Here is the address of the shooting area: Phuket Shooting Range, Mueang Phuket District, Phuket, Thailand.

So some food of the day by the food stalls again…

Pad thai, my favourite

Fried mee hoon

Fried egg, yummy!

Followed by a sunset view by the Patong beach…

Something apart from the beautiful scenery:

Poor doggy lying in the middle of the road with scars and injuries...and big stomach!

Hot sexy mama!

And lastly, our dinner at the food stall. Now here was the story. We searched around for some good food, just found out that one of the restaurants looked clean from the outside, but realized that they cooked all the meals on the floor, with the rats running around! Disgusting right?

So we stopped by at one of the food stalls when we were on the way back to our hotel.

The food stall that make my 'toilet' nightmare come true!

Once we sat down, we were approached by a bunch of children trying to sell you flower. As we kindly reject their offers, one of the little girls even hugged and kissed Daniele, begging him to buy. A little too over, don’t you think? 

Thinking that I will never ever get food poison or sick while I was on holiday, I just ate whatever they served. First time in my life, I had an amazing nightmare!

One of the suspected poisoned food

Alas, I got food poisoning, and start ‘exploding’ the toilet from night time till wee morning 3am with my diarrhea bowel problem. The worst part was, I did not bring along any medication or medicine at all. This was my first time encounter such bad health problem. I had to almost crawl back to bed and then head to the toilet when I cannot bear the stomach pain. Back and forth, back and forth, from bed to the toilet.

There was no pharmacy nearby plus it was midnight time, we only managed to get antidiarrhea medicine from a convenient shop nearby, hoping it will ease my bowel problem. Thank god, I managed to get just a few hours of sleepnot a good holiday experience! Lesson to learn, no matter how strong you are, please standby all necessary medication or medicines to bring along with you when you are on holiday.


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