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Testimonial of a Diabetic Patient in using NONI essence

Testimonial of a Diabetic Patient in using NONI 

 This is a true story of a diabetic patient and his speedy recovery using NONI.

Some of the photos will be disturbing as we did a close-up shoots on the patient’s leg condition. The patient’s name has been changed due to privacy matters. 


Mr Wong has been a serious diabetic patient for years. His condition has worsened where his diabetic bacteria infection has reached up to Stage 4, a critical stage.

14 – 28 Oct 2013: Mr Wong is being hospitalized in HUKM. His first operation was to amputate his left foot (his big toe) as HUKM orthopedics had confirmed that his left big toe was in the final stage of gangrene.

After the operation, his health condition is still bad, which mean that the bacteria in his body wasn’t attacking only his big toe. This is where Mr Wong has decided to conduct second operation- amputation (surgery to remove his left leg below knee) as the bacteria infection has attacked his left lower foot and calf as that specific part was tremendously by poor oxygen and blood circulation being detected. He has to agree with the doctor’s operation as he believes that he still can walk normally by applying a prosthetic leg.

28 Oct 2013: out from hospital and currently having his rehab and recovery in an old folks home in Cheras. His health condition is yet to be stable that is why he has to be in the care centre, to get the home nurse dressing and caretakers to take care of him. For once, he fell down in the toilet as he forgotten he has lost a leg, which cause a massive bleeding on his wet gangrene wound.

Nov 2013: Besides having his left foot being amputated, his right leg was badly affected as well, hitting the signs of serious gangrene. Mr Wong has been introduced by a friend to consume natural NONI Drink.

And within a 6 month period of time, see the improvement of his right leg, it has better blood circulation, and more oxygen flow, causing the skin starts to glow back into fairer skin:

As you can see from the photo, it shows that there is improvement in his blood circulation in his right foot. Therefore, his right leg looks fairer.

Here are the before and after photo of his left wound:

His wound has healed, and with proper diet control, he is able to put on prosthetic legs.

As written in the website and studies shown by authoritative medical reports, Noni enzyme contains rich xeronine. Proxeronine can activate the immune system, stimulate normal cell metabolism, and repair diseased cells that possibly emgere or are ermerging in the human body. This is why Noni enzyme is effective for different symptoms. Taking Noni enzyme on a daily basis can provide a sufficient amount of  xeronine for the body, repair the damaged tissue and restore the health.

Donation for good cause

Currently, Mr Wong does not have any income because he cannot work and also faces difficulty in finding jobs due to his disability condition. He is in the middle of hoping to get prosthetic leg, if his amputated left leg is in good condition to put on the prosthetic leg. If you wish to give some donation to him as a good cause, mostly to support his daily living expenses, please email your inquiry to: piggy091385(a) to get further details towards the donation.

Recommendation for better and healthier lifestyle, save yourself and your loved ones


I share this info because I have seen how this supplement did miracles on Mr Wong’s leg and health condition. I believe this supplement can help lots of people in fighting against disease. In some ways, do not only rely too much just on medication or doctors. Give a try in health supplements that can increase your immune system to fight against at all diseases.

Please do not get confused with other brand supplements that also use NONI fruits to make their health supplements, as those are different health supplements from the one the patient is using, thanks.

The current brand that we are buying is GANONI, natural noni drink with Ganoderma, by Waylife company. 1 bottle is 30 ml at RM 90, ideal to be used up to 1.5 month. If you buy 8 bottles, actual price is RM 720, discount up to RM 360 for you.

For more info/ help/ inquiries, please email me at piggy091385(a) or under wechat ID: Queentrueimage (name is Veron), intro yourself by telling me that you asking for the NONI health supplement info. You can whatsapp me at +6012-6361428 as well.

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