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Advantages and instructions to use NONI health supplement

Advantages and instructions to use NONI health supplement (English and Chinese Version) 

Advantages of pure Noni essence

· All naturally fermented, no flavouring

· Sugar free, essence free, preservative free

· Safe for all ages and diabetes.

· Utilizing high technology effectively preserves nutrients in pure concentrated essence.

· Concentrated liquid Enzyme maintain to be bio active, is 50 times more than those in other forms.

· Higher nutritional content, absorption rate is as fast as 95%.

· Simple, lightweight, easy to carry

Noni has more than 150 valuable nutrients. It is the body’s first choice for maintaining health and longevity. The Noni has the powerful and effective ability in helping the body to heal asthma, tumor, diabetes, migraine headaches, insomnia, liver disease, kidney disease, lung disease, poor immunity, lupus, psoriasis, gastrointestinal problems, endocrine disorders, thyroid disease, prostatitis, hypertension, heart disease, constipation, internal bleeding, rheumatoid arthritis, frozen shoulder, joint pain or stiffness, gout, bone spurs, lack of energy, sexual dysfunction, injuries, burns, etc.

A comparison between Noni and others

· Vitamin P (flavonoids) in Noni is 16 times more than that of a lemon

· Antioxidant property of noni is 1.4 times higher than that of vitamin C

· SOD in Noni is more than: Brazilian mushroom-by 31 times, Hericium mushroom-by 34 times, Ganoderma (Ling zhe)-by 74 times.

· The anti-inflammatory potency of Noni is 5 times stronger than Aspirin.

· Noni has 800 times more polyphenol content than pineapple.

Doctors and scientists around the world have recognized that Noni:

· Strengthens the immune system by 50%

· Enhances natural killer cell function by 300%

· Enhances cancer immunity by 700%

The six major properties of Noni

The studies on the nutritional composition of Noni confirm its efficacy as follow ( Solomon 1997 ):-

- Supplements human body with Xerorine

- Activates the body immune system

-Detoxifies, Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial

- Detects abnormal conditions in body


- Repairs damaged cells ( rejuvenates damaged cells)

Health Care Functions:

It helps to improve the cell functions of the heart, brain, liver, skin, blood system and the endocrine organs. Specifically, it can strengthen liver and gallbladder detoxification function; promote the regeneration of injured liver cells, repair damaged brain cells,

Activate the functions of brain and nerve cells. Reduce mental retardation caused by cerebral abnormal growth, dementia; activate myocardial cells functions (which helps to prevent heart failure and mild arrhythmia); repair myocardial cells and lead to the generation of new myocardial cells; regulate blood lipids; stabilize blood sugar and at the same time increase blood production function of the marrow; Adjust the endocrine system; dilute sinile age-spot; restore skin flexibility; reduce wrinkles; dilute melanoma; also it has sedative, anallgesic and anti-inflammatory functions; it can enhance the retinal photosensitivity and chromatic sensitivity, enhance visual acuity and prevent cataract; help to prevent glaucoma with the terpene vinyl compounds. Constant drinking will make you energetic!

Working Principle:

Supplementing the human body with Xeronine Activating the immune system

Detecting abnormal conditions in human body Capturing toxin and detoxify

Repairing damaged cells

Medically proven:

When inflammation takes place in any part of the human body, Xeronine will percolate from the micro-vascular veins to produce floating Xeronine so as to reduce and prevent further inflammation in that place. For example, cancer-fighting, anti-aging, heart diseases, stroke, hypertension, arthritis, indigestion, diabetes, immune system disorder, obesity and others. Research and tests show that noni leaven is not directly used to cure a certain disease, but because it contains very rich Xeronine, which can supplement the human body with abundant Xeronine, and activate the body’s immune system, as well as giving start to the self-healing function of the human body and stimulating metabolism function of normal cells, regardless of whether they are common or special cells. It will comprehensively repair cells in the human body that will have or already have pathological changes. That is why Noni leaven has positive effects on different symptoms.

Ingredients in NONI 

Ingredients: 100% pure natural Noni fruit leaven (Not adulterated with other fruit juice, sauces, without any artificial additives or preservatives).

Taste: Pure and deep in color, it tastes sour, a little acerbic and not sweet.
If you don’t like the taste, you can mix it with other fruit juice, such as blueberry juice, apple juice, pineapple juice or honey, etc. to make it taste better.

Direction on how to use Noni essence

Usage :- Empty stomach. Drink a glass of warm water, leave noni enzyme under tongue for 3

minutes, swallow and drink another glass of warm water.

(* Avoid:- Avoid coffee or tea 2 hours before and after taking noni )


1. Take a recommended amount of Noni leaven one hour before meal with an empty stomach. First drink a glass of warm water, then Noni leaven followed by another glass of warm water. (When taken with an empty stomach in the morning, the Noni enzyme would be absorbed quickly in the intestine and transformed into Xeronine.

2. Dosage: 3 to 5 drops each time, 2 to 3 times a day – early morning, noon, evening or before sleep.

Daily consumption according to ages:

  • 1 – 3 years old – 1 drop
  • 3- 5 years old – 1 drop in the morning, 1 drop at night.
  • 5-12 years old – 2 drops in the morning, 1 drops at night
  • For adults:
Week 1 - 1 drop in the morning and 1 drop at night.
Week 2 - 2 drops in the morning and 2 drops at night.
Week 3 - 3 drops in the morning and 3 drops at night.

  • People with serious health condition:- Begin with 2 drops and increase gradually.

  • Pregnant women or babies below 1 year old are not recommended to have this supplement.

3. Avoid drinking coffee or tea within 2 hours before and after taking Noni leaven as caffeine will destroy the effectiveness.


This product is pure and natural nutritional food, and is not intended to replace any doctor-prescribed medications. Always consult your physician if you are under medical care and before discontinuing any prescribed medications.

Validity Period:

2 years (Store in a cool dry place. The longer it is stored, the more valuable it would be and the better it taste).



· 全天然发酵,不含其它调味剂

· 不含糖分,不含香料,不含防腐剂

· 适合任何年龄,糖尿病者都可使用

· 更纯正的浓缩精华,高科技保存营养及有效成份

· 液体浓缩能够保湿活性,为普通酵素的50倍

· 富含更高的营养,身体能更快的吸收高达95%

· 简单,轻巧,方便携带

诺 丽含有超过150种人体需要的珍贵营养素,是养生保健、延年益寿的首选良品;诺丽用途广泛,更可以有效地帮助患有哮喘、肿瘤、糖尿病、偏头痛、失眠、肝 病、肾病、肺病、免疫力差、红斑狼疮、癣、肠胃病、内分泌失调、甲状腺病、前列腺炎、高血压、心脏病、便秘、内出血、类风湿、肩周炎、关节疼痛或僵硬、痛 风、骨刺、精神不振、性功能低下,乃至外伤、烧伤等疾病的人们。


· 诺丽维他命P(类黄酮)含量为柠檬的16倍 

· 诺丽超氧阴离子清除能力是维他命C的1.4倍 

· 诺丽超氧化物岐化酶(SOD)是巴西蘑菇的31倍,猴头菇的34倍,灵芝的74倍 

· 诺丽其强效消炎效果为ASPIRIN的5倍 

· 诺丽多酚含量为凤梨的800倍


· 强化免疫系统高达50%

· 增强自然杀手细胞功能300%

· 癌症免疫力增强700%


诺丽果所含的成分经研究证实有下列功效 (Solomon 1997):-

  • 补充赛诺宁
  • 激活免疫系统
  • 排毒,抗炎,抗菌 
  • 侦测人体情况
  • 抗氧化 
  • 修复细胞

I share this info because I have seen how this supplement did miracles on Mr Wong’s leg and health condition. I believe this supplement can help lots of people in fighting against disease. In some ways, do not only rely too much just on medication or doctors. Give a try in health supplements that can increase your immune system to fight against at all diseases.

Please do not get confused with other brand supplements that also use NONI fruits to make their health supplements, as those are different health supplements from the one the patient is using, thanks.

The current brand that we are buying is GANONI, natural noni drink with ganoderma, by Waylife company. 1 bottle is 30 ml at RM 90, ideally can be used up to 1.5 month. If you buy 8 bottles, actual price is RM 720, discount up to RM 360 for you.

For more info/ help/ inquiries, please email me at piggy091385(a) or under wechat ID: Queentrueimage (name is Veron), intro yourself by telling me that you asking for the NONI health supplement info. You can whatapps me at 012-6361428 as well.

For previous testimonial of a diabetic patient: 

For Information and studies on noni ingredients:

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