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A Retreat Holiday Trip at Cherating, Pahang

A retreat holiday trip at Cherating, Pahang

Okay, it’s time to write some adventure stories in my blog! I have been busy, but I will always write down my memorable and wonderful experiences in my blog, so that you and I (yes, sometimes I refer to my blog for my fun memories) will remember the wonderful journey.

1 – 3 February 2013: As all of us fall in love to do charity, we share the same love so as we share the same interest and passion. Therefore, one of my charity committee members, Mr Victor decided to have his birthday party at Cherating, Pahang.

Fun Charity Group

Where is Cherating? Cherating is a beach town located in Pahang, East Coast of Malaysia, located about 47 km north of Kuantan. One of the World’s Club Mediterranee or sometimes we name it as Club Med Cherating, which is famous for all-inclusive and fine services, is located at here as well. Most of the villages have turned into guesthouse or tourist stays as Cherating grows into a cultural and tourist hotspot slowly.

I have always heard of Pulau Redang, or others island, which I believed they are more famous due to famous diving activities in the islands. I got to tell you, I have no idea where is Cherating and I didn’t know it was so beautiful!

So we stayed at this beautiful cultural Payung Guesthouse, Cherating

We get to choose any of the 5 chalets that have been booked by the birthday boy, Victor! Yee haw!

Located just at the back of a river, with the natural beauty of Mother Nature, here are some shots of leisure:

So what make us united in every holiday trip? Eat, drink, sleep, and repeat.

So here we EAT

 Restoran Ani Selera Kampung, Kemaman, Terengganu

Such a big belacan!

River view next to Restoran Ani Selera Kampung

Street food

I tell you, this is really nice...


Sunset view at Duyong Restaurant

Claypot Crab and mee hoon/ rice vermicelli

I had this on the way back from Pahang to KL, but forgot where is it, sorry!

Dry sauce claypot fish

Big Prawns and mee hoon/ rice vermicelli

DRINK (well, we did enjoy at the bar near to Payung Guesthouse, and we danced all night long, but photos? Sorry, not available!) Here comes the song again… “Tonight we drinking from the bottle!”

BBQ marshmallow....yummy!

SLEEP (everyone is busy snoring all night long, to make the night music beats alive, and erm, of course, we did have a drunk ‘zombie’ guy who showed us unpredictable acts of his own, like standing in the middle of the lane suddenly, or puke while sleeping….and….okay, I guess you do not want to know anything more than that!

And of course, lucky enough, with some adventurous friend in the group, we get to go for the fireflies watch tour just at the back of our chalets, along the river on a river cruise,

Boats that brings us to see fireflies tour

and get to visit the Turtle Sanctuary which is run by the Department of Fisheries.

Pity him, he lost one of his flipper leg!

And then, we walked to the beach. “Let’s go to the beach, beach!” like what Nicky Minaj has sung.

"What's up doc?" Bugs bunny!

Walk like rambos...

The awkward moment... See Suresh!

Someone tried to sneak us into Club Med but of course, failed. I mean people pay almost thousand Ringgit Malaysia for one night; don’t think it was easy as we thought! Unless we were the part time hosts in Club Med within that two nights!

Ohaiyo….Hawaii, Malaysia style is always at Cherating, Pahang….Viola…

Special thanks to the Fun Charity group

When guys trying to lift their sexy legs....

The whole gang...

The founder Mr Suresh aka the stand-up comedy man

Charity rocks!


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