Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Sunset at Heli Lounge Bar

Sunset at Heli Lounge Bar 

Stay clear! all clear, hear me?

Rooftop is a trend especially in urban city area. In Malaysia, Lunar bar started off the rooftop concept, followed by Skybar, G tower, Marini’s at 57 and so on.

Here is another rooftop bar – Heli Lounge Bar. Unlike others, we are able to stand at the Heli Pad (for helicopter landing) without any borders. Do not worry; there are many bouncers to ensure the guests do not cross the yellow line.

Although it seems that you are infinity when you are on top of Heli Lounge Bar rooftop, please be safe and be careful.

20 April 2013

Praying that it won’t be raining, here is the best view of the sunset at Heli Pad:

I believe I can fly...

Sunset...chasing the sun!
 We get together thanks to one of the couchsurfers from www.couchsurfing.org took his effort and time to organize this event.

Grab a drink, get a chair, and chill...

twin tower

KL Tower

Suddenly, we have the black team dancing and singing....

The sunset colors.... breathtaking...

And yes, this is really beautiful…


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