Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Great seafood with no pork served at Hokkaido Restaurant

When some tell you those famous seafood restaurants are only at Kuala Selangor or Klang areas, well, not quite.

Hokkaido restaurant at Jalan Lumut, the seafood restaurant has been frequently visited by hungry food lovers like me. Remembering this least memory of the restaurant during my childhood times, I found back the same restaurant while sending one of my friends back to Titiwangsa residence area. The only landmark that I am able to recognize is Vistana hotel KL, just right across Hokkaido restaurant.

Amazingly, Hokkaido restaurant has this famous slogan – no pork served, which means the food is also suitable for those who are Muslims to dine in at here. Most of the Chinese said that Chinese food will be not be delicious without cooking any pork or lards together. Hokkaido manages to being recognized as a good seafood restaurant without serving any pork.

The restaurant owner did a real god job in terms of managing his/ her operation team. They hire a parking boy to ensure parking availability, getting the veteran senior Chinese locals as captain to assist customer to order food, and others foreign workers are truly always attend to your request of orders. A glance, an order, a request, they manage to do everything well and organized.

Okay, let’s head over to the fresh seafood area. Choose any seafood that you like: fish, crabs, prawns, lobsters, snails, and more. And they cook the way you are delighted with. Hokkaido restaurant takes the opportunity by displaying their signature dishes (artificial) near to the fresh seafood counter. What a great marketing way!

Fresh Seafood

signature dishes...

Spinning snails

Guess what we have for the late dinner on Sunday?

Steamed Talapia (normally Chinese prefers steamed fish due to the original taste with a little favoring from light soya sauce).

Steamed Talapia

Homemade fried seafood bean-curd (I would say, the size is quite big!)

Golden fragrant (gam heong in Cantonese) jumbo water prawns. Believe to be originated from Malaysia, this cooking sauce gam heong recipe normally includes the ingredients aromatic curry leaves, crispy bits of dried shrimp, and curry powder. Then, there will be options of putting in soybean sauces, or dark soya sauce. Haha, too bad, I do not have nice pictures for this dish! A blurred vision, you have to go there to get the real taste!

And lastly, a typical fried vegetable – fried string beans.

How much is total bill of the night? I would say we end up spending RM 130.00 on the food, not that bad.

Restoran Hokkaido

68, Jalan Lumut, Damai Complex, Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 03-4041 1316

Landmark: opposite Vistana hotel KL

Google map:


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