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Rose Chan's collection 陳惠珍珍藏

Remember the good old days: Rose Chan 陳惠珍

20 June 2013: I must admit, I have a crush on Rose Chan 陳惠珍.

 She is the first and last legend of Malaysia's cabaret stage performer, with the daring of performance where no others people are able to these days.

With a smart way to go on stage without offended the rules during colonial British days, she is truly one legend and an icon in my heart.

Now, no one can no longer perform like her, because we are living under country's rules and restriction.

Based on Wikipedia, these were her daring acts:

In 1954, Chan upped the ante for revues by introducing circus stunts that included: 

her famous python-wrestling act;
bending iron rods, stuck to the base of her throat;
carrying a man on her shoulders;
placing planks across her body, and having motorcycles ride over her.

and such acts had unfortunately, led her to breast cancer, where she believed that her breast cancer was caused by her taxing act of balancing heavy objects on her chest during her performances. She also attributed the blood clots around her body to the python-coiling acts. (source: wikipedia)

About Rose Chan 陳惠珍:

Inspiring Book, Film and Others Production:

News coverage about Rose Chan 陳惠珍

Inform me and share with me if you happened to come across any news, sources, books, movies of Rose Chan 陳惠珍, I shall keep the legend to be continued....with the help of you all.

I would love to have her collection of all movies, and books keep her in my memory...

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