Monday, June 10, 2013

Carlsberg Malaysia Where’s the Party 2012 at Hard Rock Hotel Penang with Movida Part 2

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 11 November 2012: The next morning at 10am, I and my sister woke up and decided to stroll by the Penang beach.

We were ‘welcomed’ by drunk people lying at the corridor, a guy who was escorted by two security guards to go into his room after he repeatedly hitting his head outside his room, attempting to go in without opening the door! A drunken magician tried to go to his room through magic doors? (actually, I don’t even sure if that is his hotel room!), and we saw ‘zombies’ who just woke up to have their breakfast, most likely all of us are still drunk along the Carlsberg Malaysia Where’s the Party 2012.

You know who is he right?

We managed to check out Bayview Beach Resort, just next to Hard Rock Hotel Penang:

12pm, time to say goodbye.

I took a quick look at the cobra dance performance at Hard Rock Hotel Penang before saying goodbye to this exclusive hotel.

This party will not end at here….check out what you have to take to be in this party for the next upcoming one! Till then, let’s party!

Here, I would like wish you:

**Want to know Part 1? Here! Here!


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