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Carlsberg Malaysia Where’s the Party 2012 at Hard Rock Hotel Penang with Movida Part 1

Carlsberg Malaysia Where’s the Party 2012 at Hard Rock Hotel Penang with Movida Part 1

10 November 2012:

Party, a word you cannot resist when you enjoy your life to the fullest. Movida agreed no more when they plan to give away VIP passes to party lovers to go to Carlsberg Malaysia Where’s the Party 2012!

So I won the VIP passes x 2 from Movida Facebook contest to go to the mystery party. I would say Movida did a really good job to ensure the accommodation, transport, and food all being well taken care of. There were 2 buses to bring us from Movida Kota Damansara to our secret destination.

From 9am till 3pm, five hours’ drive, and guess where Movida brought us to? Yeap, Penang is the secret place for Carlsberg Malaysia Where’s the Party 2012.

I and my sister registered ourselves at the registration counter just outside Queensbay mall, Penang.

See the queue and the crowd? We were welcomed by loud funky music, sexy ladies and entertaining emcee. 

Well, we had to move on to the secret location for Where’s the Party 2012. One hour later, we finally arrived our secret venue, which is…..

Hard Rock Hotel Penang. Boy! Just for that moment, I feel rock and roll in style!


We were greeted by the Hard Rock Hotel Penang’s staff in their retro costume and punk hair. Chic, simply chic!

We went to our hotel room, and just check out the view!

 There you go, with the interior design of Hard Rock Hotel Penang….

Surprise with welcome gifts from Carlsberg Malaysia!

We took a short break and started hitting the party by the seaside around 7pm in the evening.

Well, what do we have here? Food, music, games, concerts; strangers who will be dancing with us and became friends…all these elements complete one word – PARTY!

The present of celebrity hosts Joey G and Patricia K, Mad August a.k.a Crossfire, Love Cubic dancers from Korea, Cantopop Rubberband, R&B and hip-hop diva Kelis, DJ Norman Doray, DJ Mayumi made Carlsberg Malaysia Where’s the Party 2012 the best party every happened in my life! Oh ya , not to forget Movida played important roles to make the party even more happening!

 My favorite picture of moment!

What happened the next day? Check the Carlsberg Malaysia Where’s the Party 2012 at Hard Rock Hotel Penang with Movida Part 2:


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