Friday, April 12, 2013

Malaysian Motorcycle Grand Prix 2012, Sepang

My pass
It seems that when we mentioned Sepang International Circuit, it will be the fame of venue for any motor race or concerts or rave party. Well, it is not near though, plus it is not really accessible to public transports either. Anyway, I got a pass to go to Malaysian Motorcycle Grand Prix 2012. Guess what, I was in the paddock area, woohoo!

21 October 2012- this is the second time coming to Sepang. (I was in one of the racing car with my buddy during his practice time).

Confused? 3D dimension (upside down)
 It was raining heavily for least half an hour when we arrived at there around 3pm. The game was delayed slightly till the rain stopped.

Rain rain...go away...

 Reached the paddock area….here we go, the Italian team :D

No rain, let's start!

Italian team :)

The lucky paddock guests XD

Guessed was sponsored by Ducati, no?


Balcony area, just joking...terrace view

Ah ha! who is that?

Hardcore fans...
 The bikers are way too fast...that we have to check out the big TV screen...

Can see in TV screen, do you know why? We hardly see the motorbikes!

Tata...some 'music' from the event...

Well, this year 2013, here is the event again!

All the best!



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