Monday, April 30, 2012

BERSIH 3.0 - 428 Part 3 (The Moment)

Stop LYNAS, angry birds!
What is to be fear actually?

The fear and worries of road blocks, worries of me getting beaten up or arrested, and worries of chaos make me feel that, what is the fear in life? Some people are not even fear to death. So what is the point of being fear? I have always motivated and being stubborn: either we suffer in silence, or we speak in action. We speak as we think, we act as we speak, we believe in what we act, we make the belief to benefit all people around the world, to help, and to be in a peace of mind, when we believe making peace instead of using weapon with heartless mind to create more brutal blood scenes, when we do not wish war must be the only way to give a hope of life to us and the mother earth.

BERSIH! BERSIH! - by angry birds
The main colors of peace- yellow and green
So here I was, taking the LRT trains to go ahead to KLCC. I was buying my token, when everyone started to look at each other shirt’s colors. The train was full of colorful tops, but guess the hot picks of colors of the day will be yellow and green. I smiled back to them those who wear yellow and green and I realized, it does not matter who we are, and where we from; because we know this day; we have the same purpose – to fight for a better future with a better control in our lovely country, Malaysia. We wore green to stress to government to put into consideration of second thought of disallowing LYNAS at Pahang, and yellow stands for BERSIH 3.0, means the urge of getting a fair and clean election at Malaysia.

As I was walking out from my station, I walked to the entrance of KLCC, our glory of Malaysia. I can see the highly spirited of all people from young till old, the young ones grabbing their mother’s hands tightly being nervous in such a big crowd, and the old ones trying their very best to pace up their walking, being motivated to do so. Some people did not wear any greens and yellows, my guess is they preferred to be low profile and did not want to be so case-sensitive. Well, knowing is a peaceful rally, some people started to take pictures of their own and smiling to everyone.

Seeing the policemen were doing their jobs lining up in front of KLCC monitoring the situation, I do pay respect to the policemen as we always do, and they do know their duties. I believe every man loves his jobs and aware of his own responsibility, where it can bring out the better society with less crime, just that some bad apples spoilt the whole jungle, and some good apples think that the bad apples’ acts were correct.

Policemen on duty...

The messages sent across:

As I was waiting for my friends to join in the peaceful rally, I saw some people are holding banners and spreading their messages across check them out:

Well, guess they are well prepared for the peaceful battle of the day.

A cute girl with a short green wig came in and her pictures were snapped, guess she won the best costume of that day!

Let’s the rally begin!

Hey, my friends came! There we go marching towards Masjid Jamek station. Under the hot sun, guess we never walk for so long in our life! When we arrived there at 1130am, thousands of people were at there. I can see some people starts to shouting and cheering: “BERSIH, HIDUP RAKYAT!” “STOP LYNAS, SAVE MALAYSIA!”

Some were lying on the ground side by side to show peace and some walked and ‘toured’ around that area doing their rallies. It was just a normal rally, where everyone shouted, walked, sat on the ground, stood up and repeated everything all over again. I was amazed by the crowd, so many people was so concerned and cared for the country.

As I always knew there will be something interesting throughout the crowd, I took this cute picture:

Mom, what worse could happen to my future?

Errrr....Vendetta, you came for BERSIH too?

Uncle wanted to tell us: Life is colorful just like my umbrella...

And I heard someone dressed up as a Power Ranger in yellow!

Was it necessary to start such violent act? What if the victim was your loved ones?

3pm, the crowd was just too huge and more people were shouting. I decided to call it a day and walking towards to the train station like a sardine, trying to squeezing myself away from the crowd. And out of sudden, I saw the policemen pull down the gate door of the station and people was trapped inside, banging the doors, shouting for the policemen to open. The policemen refused, I rushed and have a look at the crowd.

Tearing Gas 'Attack'!

To my horror, the officers had already shooting tearing gas to the people. No way, they can escape, there is just no way. Everyone was trying to cover their mouths and went panic running around trying to escape. People were stuck by the door, still banging, and the policemen just refused to open. I ran towards to the crowd which was running at the other side of the station, where it was safer. Children and mother cried, crying in pain.

It is not a must to have such act of tearing gas or water shooting

Lucky me, I wasn’t in that huge crowd at below, and I able to run away fast. I ended up walking towards to Sogo complex, and started to hear the shooting of tearing gas and saw the humming water from far. Looking at the chaos, I shook my head and continued to walk. It won’t make sense to go and see the chaos when senseless people are the one who start all this nonsense.


To be feared forever or so to speak with justice

Workers in Maju Junction Mall just ‘locked’ themselves up and stared through the panel windows, looking in fright at the pedestrians who walked by. I passed by a group of policemen and they stared at me in despair and anger in return. I passed by PAS which speech was given and everyone was giving support. My feet were as numb as I can always feel like I am flying.


Walking towards the endless road, but who am I to complain? It is nothing compare to other who suffered during the chaos. But the fight must go on no matter what, it is not a deal till action and wise decisions have been taken…

Yellow means BERSIH 3.0


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BERSIH 3.0 - 428 Part 2 (Why does it exist?)

High spirit and being brave

428, what a lucky and a special day to be remembered, especially the countless efforts of the people who made this day the history day for Malaysia on 2012. The third big rally of BERSIH 3.0 was a success, with 250,000 till 300,000 people show up with high spirit and being brave to march to the area of Merdeka Square for the rally. Whoever went there, they are prepared for the worst, but they feel no fear with what the worst thing could have happened.

Demand and pressure on Democracy and Justice

After all, we, Malaysian, at our own land, at Malaysia. Why must everyone live in fear and suffering the high expenses with the high cost of basic living? Why are we complaining and fighting for our rights? There is one reason among all this – justice. We demand for a free and clean election at Malaysia, because we know that for more than 50 years, our voting have been gone nowhere but only certain organization controls it, where it is ridiculous for so many complaints of people were thrown into the sea and ignored, where the government just cannot the fact to save the country, where we do not know where our taxes we pay gone to…

Misery within the politics went unanswered

Question has been raised up where we believe that our money was used in a wrong way. It has been too long all murder cases within affairs or politics went unanswered, where every party blames each other but cannot have firm answers, where the people is suffering and some people are enjoying their life and spending lavishly, when certain people start to abuse the power of their status, when they already forgot the purpose to stand for the country, when they cannot accept the truth and the pain, and rather hidden in lies.

3 years approaching, any justice for  Teoh Beng Hock 30, an aide of Selangor state executive councillor Ean Yong Hian Wah,who has plunged to his death at the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) Selangor headquarters in Shah Alam?


Any justice for the murdered Altantuyaa

Sadly, as everyone think, cases delayed for so long, and no results again...

What if today the deceased people are your loved ones? what will you react toward such matters?

We fight for what once belong to us

That is where the rally came in. we believe of human rights and democracy. Where we want to show that to the media and the world, we do want a clean and fair election, and by pressuring our prime minister to judge and to make a wise decision into such matter. It has been proven with the huge amount of people who show up, that we are not brainwashed or being poisoned. Malaysian wants to prove to the world that justice needs to be at here for a better world, a better future, a better cleaner Malaysia.

Why such act? Things you might not know

It can be treated as a joke or a wake up call, but some Malaysians who just do not know the purpose the rally was made, why violent act has to be the only way to get a clean and fair election, and why it is related to their business. I bet they do not feel the pinch at all, unless maybe LYNAS was built just next to their houses,

The video of rare earth effect:

or when they start to feel their money is drying up without realizing why such thing could have happen with no future planning or foreseeing the future at all, despite trying to save more money but you just can’t, simply because dollar to dollar’s value, inflation and high costs of living at Malaysia is start to eating up your money, and guess who control the costs of transportation, education, and food? Wonder why social problem, mental problem and crime cases are increasing tremendously? Or maybe they feel that they had moved or being a PR at another country, simply they cannot accept the fact our motherland is starting to fallback, because they already felt that it is pointless and helpless towards the government?

The misconception and the blaming need to be demolished

I do not want to jeopardize anyone, but if today, if you want a better hope for your children, please do something now, or else everyone will still suffer with the hidden lies and misuse power from the government, unless government proves to us till day when we agree and respect their acts, and we will respect them no matter what.

To everyone, every country, every leader, every party in the world, all we want is justice, and because of that, some of us suffer injuries and get beaten up by the polices. Did you see 10 policemen just hitting 1 helpless protestor who just happened to pass by the policemen? For crying out loud, will the protestor can even escape while 10 policemen beating him up and he had already lying on the ground, screaming in pain? I wonder what is the duty of the policeman at Malaysia? Protecting the people at the country or just being bias and abusing their power of authority? During my teaching time, I remembered a child told me once: “I do not understand why the policeman is asking for money from my parents when they stopped our car, and according to my studies, the policeman supposed to protect the people and did not mention about taking money from us.” I just remained calm, and explained to the child that it was a misunderstanding, and I have to diverse the topic as I cannot bear to see how the children might have different perception towards our officers or the government.

Yet, it is still happening, if internal affairs getting worse, everyone from any part of the world, please do understand we are not trying to be misbehaving, but all we want is having a better hope on our countries.


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Saturday, April 28, 2012

BERSIH 3.0 - 428 Part 1

Please do care for us...

Wonder why must the polices shoot tearing gas and shooting water to the protestors?

The citizens were never intend to attack them.

Greens and Yellows...
Why must this police try to hit one of the protestor out of no reason? All we want is just a fair election.

Police 'Attack' a protestor out of sudden

Another violence by the Police force...

This accident should never been happened. However, two were badly injured, and news of fatal is yet to be known. I pray for him to stay strong and be alive.

The close up:

Stay united and stay strong,Malaysia.

More updates:

BERSIH 3.0 Facebook


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Friday, April 27, 2012

Pre-event: BERSIH 3.0

Either you suffer in silence for the rest of your lives, or you speak out and fight for a better cleaner for your own country.

Preparation has been done, action has been taken, words have been spoken, fear nothing at all.

Wonder how taxes and inflation killing you, your loved ones, and your family and friends?

Speak out, the day shall arrive...

A combination of preview of clips to bring us a memorable moment, make yourself in the history, not vanish by avoiding responsibilities...

Stay tuned...

Thanks to the government who approves LYNAS...for what? for the benefits of Malaysians?

See for yourself, if you want for a better future, be firm who to vote, vote for better rights!


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