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Zogo De L’Oca, Geese on Ladders

Goose climb over our head

You might have heard of snakes and ladder, but have you heard goose that climbs ladder? I found an event when meeting my Italy trip. The geese will climb step by step, to reach the destination, it is unbelievable right? It was indeed a geese, just that it is in a mascot, with people who represents different areas of Mirano, Italy will be joining in this exciting geese game.

As what we know, geese is a graceful beautiful animal that will be swimming like elegantly in the lake. They looked at you, stared, paused, and flings it big beautiful wings towards you. Therefore, you have the chance to see what I had seen when I was at Italy back then.

A meaningful day to remember Zogo De L’Oca (Goose & Ladders)

The good thing about Italy is, there have so many events to be filled up on the year of calendar. There will not be the same boring events or a festival, which is why I believe Italian people, is fast pacing up and strong creativity in terms of everything, from fashion design, to agriculture. We should be proud that Italy brings so many meaningful things to the world.

So, thanks to a travel magazine at Malaysia, Leisure Travel Magazine , I manage to grab a look to check out festivals happenings around the world, and volla! There it goes, the Zogo De L’Oca (Goose and Ladders in English), well, I will not miss it this time since I go all the way to Italy, as I could have the chance to experience a totally different kind of festivals.

I had found few links from website, some said swans, some say geese, it is geese actually, but it is more or less, it is similar actual festival showdown.

Here are some of the links:-




So, here it comes, the journey upon meeting the ‘goose’. We went on 12th November 2011 in the afternoon as the event started on that time, but once I reached there, the place was already packed and crowded with so many people to come and join the fun.

See the crowd? wow....

The moment I stepped into the ‘doorstep’ of the event, it was….impressive. I smiled as I was pacing on the footsteps of mine, never noticing how fast I walked towards into the city of ‘goose’, till I was pulled back by my friends and they told me: “ don’t worry, this is only the beginning, events at Italy will make your day worth a smile forever.”

The moment was captured, check out the video:

Therefore, instead being a marathon runner, I made a slow walk around. This recalled me of how others think of Chinese people used to be working and walking faster than others people, which is why we would be saying Chinese people are the one who grow up fast?

Italians on the other hand, enjoyed things slowly; they passed the time without counting it, doing things steadily yet enjoyable; I would say they enjoyed their life in a good way.

Macadamia in Mini Madagascar at Mirano

Anyway, the crowd was amazing, every actor and actress was so spontaneous and so into their roles. Curious why I mentioned the actors?

The professional street performers
They are the one who were hired to dress up like people who were 100 years back, and they do not know how come we, the modern people entering Mirano.

The time when the tower fell.....

They even have the newspaper delivery boy, the girl who sold salted fish, and the acrobats who were amazing fantastic and stunning doing performance, the clown who always smile and handed over balloons to the small ones.

Stand tall way beyond me...cute!

Cute clown

The real old newspaper

He stunned and blushed at me...
Amazing right? rare to be seen nowadays...
Big wheel, small wheel,and a tiny guy.
I did see lots of goose in the cage, sorry, not sure they will be spared or slaughtered frankly speaking, but then again, they look beautiful.

Spare me, spare me!

There were some goats around too, most probably to ‘tackle’ the crowd to look at them; we have the normal musical ‘horse galloping’, the merry-go-round, there were stalls selling gifts, breads, the game boards, souvenirs, and lots more to be seen.

selling the game board...

He followed me back to Malaysia
Such a huge bread, wonder how long do i need to eat up this bread? 2 years?

There was even a photograph session where you will have the chance to wear the apparels way back in the old centuries and looked like one, impressive!

Thrilled to be, Fun to be, Game to be

Besides having ‘ancient’ people surrounding me,

Still remember this kind of coat?

Here are the main things throughout the whole event- the game and the food. I did see a giant game board, Piazza, where the competitors are getting ready rock the world with the big dices and hopping from box to box till the final point.

Giant Gameboard

I could even see almost every stall are selling goose meat, which are super delicious and the aroma smell when they grilled the met, how can you resist it?

Finally, I found this cute lady who served hot red wine behind the mini wine bar lookalike for us to make our body warm during the autumn time.

fat cute lady behind the bar!

She is so cute, that I felt like pinching her cheek and say hugging her, but of course I didn’t do that, that will be crazy.

As the sun is going down to welcome the moon to take over his place, we did managed to catch up a live band performance that played traditional musical instruments. Such a merry day with the happening people around me!

Watch the video...

Point out the Importance of Time and Love

I would say that when you go into the countryside of Italy, you will feel a different atmosphere. I feel the moment of family gathering, where they are not so seduced or addicted by advanced technology gadget; when they still believe in laughter while being in a conversation during a family dinner, where everyone is helping each other to do house chores no matter how busy their career will be interfering their time, this is called human touch within your heart and mine.

The Italians understand the importance of family and the loved ones..
So many people had start talking to their Ipad, Iphone, or laptop but forgot to talk to people face to face, have we become like one of the robots, or is it soon to be? Tackling social and communication problem save it while you can. Family matters as computers are not the one who brings you to the world.

Hope you will be aware we have only the one and only mom and dad, where we cannot replace them too. Hope you still know the importance of caring for your loved ones, and also yourself.

Hi, handsome geese, jeez...u look geese....

A 100 years old girl? hmmm...


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