Thursday, December 8, 2011

Suki Jezz First Moment of Punjabi Wedding

My First Experiences in Punjabi Wedding

I was thrilled when I was informed that one of my Punjabi friends was getting married, Mr Kuldip Singh. As to add on spices of excitement, I was invited to his wedding at penang. I would not resist the offer because it was a new experience of different wedding culture, as I open my heart and welcome my curiosity towards culture at all time. Another reason is lucky enough; I have few friends to go along the journey of good food, great wedding, and super hang out companions to be with.

The trip was one awesome one. Despite of sleeping in the car the few hours, I managed to talk and chat with my fellow friends, and went sleep again suddenly. I would say they are pretty amazed that I can sleep throughout the whole journey.

I did tell them I used to sleep when I was standing during my Monday assembly during my secondary school times, wonder it is glamour or a humiliation? Or was it laughter? Glad I made you laugh while reading this.

As to proceed with this post, I would say in conclusion, the Punjabi is really one cool culture, where I found out they are so outgoing and friendly. Their wedding was an important ceremony which involves ritual prayers, good food, and so many dance moves where we found excitement in everything.

As for more details and information of Punjabi’s wedding, please do check out the following links:

Now, we shall see the pre-wedding moment, the moments they exchange vows to say “ I love you”, and the moments of gatherings, enjoy!

 The pictures of the pre-wedding day, Mr Kuldip still be saying: "I am still single, because I will be getting married only by tomorrow!"

The married women are giving blessing to Mr Kuldip on the day before he gets married.

I love to see their smiles~

Beautiful eyes they have

Now, it is the single younger men’s turns to give him blessing.

Feeding each other super big scoop of rice

big big big!

The night has arrived with food, and act, and sexy dancing performances!

you spin my head round and round!
Here comes the dance show!

And after all the show, here comes the clubbing time..where everyone go up stage and dance...

The Moment of The Big Day

As early as 7am, we gather at Mr Kuldip’s house as we would like to go to the temple to get the blessing, and also to have a glance at his very pretty soon to be wife, the bride.

the temple

We need to cover up our head as in to respect their culture
We still look great, eh?

The ceremony

Here comes the bride!

Cute girl running around

The hall when we arrive at Kedah, The bride treats us breakfast at here.

The bride's bright side

Grand grant Lunch

Sweetest couple!

Here goes the dance, lovely!

The VIP  food

Bubbles attract me...

The Night of the Wedding

Invitation card

Do not worry, I will take care of you forever...

Humongous glamorous

Holding each other hands forever...
Phew! Such a cool wedding, their laughter, their crowd, their people, is different from what you eyes, experiences tell it all! I do really enjoy it!

Till the day we meet again, folks.


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