Friday, December 2, 2011

A gastronomic food journey at Perak and Penang

Love is All Around to Bring me to Penang

Someone bug me for new blog! Okay, no more seeing the same old post every time you log in, at this point of time, I will want to share with you specifically something I had always been dreaming for, which is going for a trip to Penang. At this point of time, one of my dearest friends, Mr Kuldip Singh, had finally found his love and will want to take care of her forever. His hometown at Penang made me a very good reason to go attend his wedding, first because a new culture wedding (I have always wanting to know culture), secondly, I can run away from Kuala Lumpur busy life and relax at Penang, a city which is developed pretty fast and famous with food. On the way to Penang, we did stop by at Bidor, Perak, and for food.

So I believe I had made a clear picture or can you guess what will be my post this time?

Scroll down please….

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Food is Love

If you are able to unleash the riddle, the following pictures will be food. Yes, food. Food at perak and penang are very delicious, because most of the local love to cook with our warmth heart and their willingness. Not to say food at KL is not delicious, just that it is hard to get local to cook on their food, food at KL is more commercialized, and basically they create the SOP (standard of procedure) of cooking, and end up hire labor workers from other countries to cook it. Well, yet still, the taste will be much better if everything is on our own hand, don’t you agree?

So I shall cut the chase, and share the good food, sorry to say the pictures only, enjoy. I am just kidding. I am sure you will go there and try it yourself.

Quack Quack at Perak

The first one once we landed at Perak, it will be going over and pay a visit to the famous duck herbal mee at Pun chun restaurant located at Bidor, Perak.


Restoran Pun Chun,
38-40, Jalan Besar,
35500 Bidor, Perak Darul Ridzuan, Malaysia.

Noodles come along with all kind of poultry meats

The main dish is the duck mee costs RM 6 – 7. I would say it was a good try, but not the best I had. (I have one very nice at Puchong).

Duck Mee
 Normally the duck mee will come along with the plain noodles.


As for the others, you can get a lot of light snacks around, like the local biscuits, yam cake, and cakes.

Fried Yam cake, with sweet pork fillings inside.
Leaving you, we are getting fat!

A Mix Feeling of Food Tasting at Anywhere, Penang

As for my 25th and 26th are attending Punjabi wedding, so apart from that, let’s skip to 27th Dec 2011. This time we woke up late and made a lot of wishes at a Chinese temple. After that, Ms Zoey brought us for good food at Penang, such a nice cheerful friendly Penang-born girl.

Zoey, cute right?

Well, we stopped by at this very famous coffeeshop:-

Low Eng Hoo Coffeeshop,
84, Lorong Selamat
10400 Georgetown Penang

Mr Raymond is mentioning and singing: “I want …I want… I want Char Keoy Teow (fried glass noodles in English) and he has been saying he is craving for it, so do we.

Raymond is waiting for Char Keoy Teow
So we decided to come here, and as usual, crowded with people.


The good thing is the staff will inform you kindly roughly how long we need to wait for the Char Keoy Teow which costs RM 4 - 5 , how did they estimate the waiting time?

James Bond in his sunglasses frying Char Keoy Teow, while his staff are counting eggs...

Once you made an order, the staff will put an egg to mark down this is your order, and they will arrange the eggs in a row, just like a queue!

Biggest Prawn found at Malaysia

Since we needed to wait for 45 minutes, we ordered other food to ease our stomach.

chee cheong fun with sweet sauce

the biggest mini oysters fried with eggs

Yam Cake, this is the Steam stylo

We name it ABC, they name it red bean ice kacang

After going first round in the late morning, we drove to another place for Asam Laksa (local Malaysia chewy noodles).

Farlim Shell Station Laksa Cafe

Medan Angsana 4, Bandar Baru Air Itam,

11500 Penang, Malaysia.

Well, bear in mind, please look for the real genuine Farlim café, as there are few Farlim Laksa café, due to it well known fame, some tends to copycat the same restaurant name.

One whole pot of Asam Laksa soup!

preparing Asam Laksa bowl by bowl, such a good proper way

Yummy food is coming up!

Still want more? wait for me please, my love!


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Enjoy Life in Good Ways,
Suki Jezz
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