Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Beauty of Italian Culture

The beauty of being beautiful Italian

Many people want to know about Italy and the Italian culture. So, what is the difference is about?
Apart from the guessing games, here is the truth of Italians.

They are nice, same as the surroundings at Italy, they smile and greet you ‘ciao’ (means Hi or Bye), they will say you are beautiful just like that. If you do not know Italian language, no worries, they like to use body language to communicate with you, so what is the rush thus?

Hmmm…nevertheless, they are still looking good at anywhere, anytime. They are the fashionable people yet simple person if you are good with them.

Sounds curious? Here we go! Check out the pictures which I found is different and amazingly beautiful in their country,Italy.

The Environment Almost Take My heart Away

You won't say it is not beautiful right? And the trees making a queue of straight lines!

The sunset
Across the street, here comes the unique building which stands out
My farm land, beautiful!
The old church which is being used during World War II

Food and Drinks:-

Red and white   wines in is for real...keep it in your house for how long?

It is  all about dressing and decoration, as it  please our eyes and heart...

A full butchery shop?it can be found anywhere...

A simple Italian restaurant cares a lot for their decoration too.

Lovely Restaurant, look small from the outside, spacious when you go in!

This restaurant link:-

The fact is every bar is really full of red wines....and fresh seafood as a quick lunch or snack!

Their supermarkets and markets

Full of groceries...See what I had found?

Coca-cola hang over...

Eventually, we have only 5 or 6 types of pasta at Malaysia, but at can see more than that! almost 50 types I would say...

Pasta! in wheel version!
As I said, fresh fresh fresh!
I am sure you will fall in love with the fresh flowers that they sell

The little bit of their Culture and Lifestyle

Driver at the left side...everything at the opposite direction of Malaysian's style
Favorite games, Tombola, brings family united...similar with Bingo.
The Tombola using peanuts and coins.

Roxy is the name of the pig, which closed friend is the dog...

Is this a house or castle? Full of Jigsaw perhaps...It is their unique house architect which makes them outstanding.
They have so many small events and festivals, here this time, I managed to celebrate one of them...

They are the cutest old couple  I have ever met, friendly I would say, and healthy!

Little effort and patience....for the fun of gathering and dinners...

Italian's sandwich cannot be compared with the ones at Malaysia, super fresh and tasty!

Hunger for more? There are more to be known, and it is your wish to explore for it, go  for your dreams, my dear friends!



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