Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Suki Jezz First Experience at Countryside, Italy

own a land when you retired at countryside seems better for you

Back to the future?

When everyone in the city busy doing business and busy with computer gadgets, we had almost forgot how people used to working hard to get basic living – food and water, same goes with fresh air.

Think green, save the nature..

fresh  mushrooms at the back  of the house...

Spending 1 week at the countryside make me feel more alive than being stuck at the city area. Why?

Real Pine tree from the ground, waiting for Xmas...

Health is wealth, happiness is precious

They make us remind back during the olden times , when people still use axe to chop wood...

guess how old is papa? almost 72 years old, but body still strong and fit!

when we rear the animals and eat it, yes, real animals...

easy easy, do not shout back at my blog, I am not shooting you or anything or anyone :)

with all nice flowers decorating the whole house, when we grow plants and vegetables we would love to cook for our loved ones...

hungry for vegetables? fresh vegetables available immediately!

when we still breathe in the real fresh air, which is not polluted, when we appreciate everything our parents gave (from home to stay, till how we are being brought up by our hands of our parents), from getting lovely animals to take care of the family and the home instead of hiring foreigners as bodyguards; all these we cannot get it from the city nowadays.

Mr Peo, the loyal bodyguard who never sleep and never bribes for money, Peo means hair in Venetian

It is so true to be true that, people who stay at countryside have longer lifetime and being healthier than those who live at cities, better think twice either you want to live by owning own land or still stay in cubicles full of air pollution when you are old or fall sick?

The beauty of nature, we almost forgot

Way back at Mogliano Veneto, here comes the piece of every land. Each country home has their own land to have their own animals and grow their own vegetables, and yes, most of them produce their own grape wines.

grapevine, a climbing plant that gives us grape fruit
the persimmon tree

oink be continued to become salami, sorry guys...

Most of their homes are full with colorful beautiful flowers.

flowers are all around...

If you see the pictures of surroundings as per below, do you think the land is big?

big or small?

Think again, it might be just a small land, others are having bigger and wider of countless hectare of land size. Believe it or not, you have to believe it.

it is big, and there are lands even bigger than this a lot

Fun working at the farmland 

So from this blog, you will see me being trained to work at the farm during autumn time. It was so cold that my hands can be as frozen as ice cube, lucky I have my muscle joints to bring my fingers into position, and else they might just break like ice cubes!

the unprepared version of going to pluck mushrooms...

I was dragged to pluck mushrooms, exploring the names of the vegetables and knowing which animals are guarding the farm and lands.

see these mushrooms? the super good one, according to my supervisor when supervising me to get nice mushrooms..

reporting here, officially plucking mushrooms...
It was raining, this mushroom was my only umbrella

these are bad mushrooms, how to differentiate? not easy...

The swans swimming gracefully in the lake..just like beautiful swan princesses

I did also have to know, how to hard is to work at the farm, so, everyone, please do not keep on complain of your current lifestyle, we are blessed to have good food and house to stay.

moooo...fresh milk and meat here

Most of them at countryside spend rest of their life just working out at farm, they might not be earning extra, but what they grow and have is good enough to get good food for the whole family.

okay, do not protest me, I did not  do the killing, but i did a killing pose only, spare me, I seldom eat meats, aiks!

Appreciate with what you have

Please do not waste food that you buy, take only the amount you can take, especially during buffet time. Wasting food almost 10kg per day at Malaysia (as I heard over the radio) is so shameful.

For example, they fully appreciate what god gave to them. They use grapes to produce wine, use dried grapes to become raisins, and use the grape skins to make Grappa, and the grape's seeds are to be changed into oil...

They never waste the grapes...

Think before you waste food and money, look at the Africans. So many people are unemployed and struggling to get food, either we donate or help out to the poor, by being not selfish.

see how beautiful our world can be? it is fall into our hands to make it beautiful...

We can also be blessed with what we have, and save as we can, spending more than save, you will regret, because everything will not last forever.

everyone, guess what is this? try guessing the right name for this item, else you had neglected what it was used for?

People change, no one remain the same forever. Remember to improve ourselves, but never neglect who had been good to you.

hops or humulus lupulus, dry fruits to do the beer

Boy, what a lesson to learn to recognize all the things and what to such a cold weather...phew!


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Suki Jezz
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