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Malabar Palace, The Best Taste of Indian Cuisine

  When people heard of Indian food, first thing they will think will be: oh my god, super spicy hot curry! Well, time to change your mind and concept though. I was part of the thoughts because we always end up at Mamak, mostly known as authentic Malaysian Tamil Muslim cuisine, where the food is pork free or halal. Mamak the word was also created at Malaysia, amazing? Mamak was well known at Kuala Lumpur, because it operates 24 hours daily, and yet the food is cheap, you can eat a pita or bread and drink a glass of caffeine drink using three ringgit Malaysia I would say, but of course, we ourselves already know, the food was mostly unhealthy and fattening.

Then, not long ago, few years back, we have new creation of authentic south Indian food, where the marketing plan will be – to serve the Indian food on banana leaves. It runs business similar to Mamak, but if you noticed carefully, most of the Indian restaurant do not runs 24 hours like mamak does. If compared with the spices, I would say southern Indian food is not too bad though.

So, now here goes the third category, where I believe, more and more people want to change the thought and mindset of Malaysian towards Indian food. Some people who understand the aroma and the real food ingredients with recipes from Indian start to come in and explore the Malaysia market. After understanding the taste bits of the Malaysian, they combine the cuisine from India and Malaysia, and guess what? You will be shocked in how remarkable the taste will be.

Spicy? Not really. Fattening? No. Unhealthy? Not at all when you know more about the food.

  So what is it? Everyone curious to know. Come over to this very young chef, Chef Shinith’s restaurant –Malabar Palace. What makes it is like a palace? Mostly you feel like eating like a king or a queen. Even some VIP came over to check out the palace, so would you give yourself a chance to experience the good food around? Not to mention it is near to university, this palace is a place where it will be so busy yet serve you good food with good service, and of course good smile.

The kingdom is located at :

Malabar Palace,
G-13A,Ground Floor,
Hartamas Shopping Complex,
60 Jalan Sri Hartamas 1
Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur

Click here for the location map.


Tel : +603-62010792

Fax : +603-62010792

Email :

Operation Hours:

Sun - Thur : 11am - 10pm
Fri & Sat : 11am - 10.30pm

More info at:

As for the price, I would say not too pricey to get such a good food, but I know everyone wanted to know the price, but I cannot tell you till you try it by yourself, because you will totally into the dream of delicious food, and paying for it, you will tell yourself, money come and go, but this food, goes in and make my life happy! 

So what make your stomach growling for it? The pictures of food below are cooked by Chef Shinith, one of the owners of the palace. He cooked the best of the best just for me, and you too, if you go there and give it a try! the price per item was as per year 2011

panner shaslick roll
Paneer Shashlik Roll RM15.00, Home made cottage cheese with bell peppers and
grilled with selected spices.

Malabar Lamb Varatal
Malabar Lamb Varatal RM18.00, this Kerala style lamb masala is pan roasted with a generous portion of
onions, red chilies, peppercorns and enriched with tumeric, fresh ginger, clove, cinnamon, star anis and

yummy yummy secret recipe

Pilaf RM6.40 - Basmathi rice cooked with whole spices and flavored with saffron

Vegetable Jalfrasie

Vegetable Jalfrasie RM10.00 - Stir fried vegetable wth sweet, sour and spicy flavour made from onion, tomato, cumin seed, ginger and bell pepper

Kerala Grilled Fish

Kerala Grilled Fish RM25.00 - Malabar Palace specialty inspired by the chef’s origins. This Kerala fish dish is marinated in tamarind juice, tumeric, fresh chili paste and grilled to perfection

Are you hungry at this point now? Now, I am doubt if you hunger for my blogs, my articles, or the food?


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