Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Born of Rainbow Wonders in Deepavali

Satu Malaysia Kolam Decoration, at KL KTM

Many people might know Deepavali is a celebration of the Hindus, one of the tribes of Indian, but many people do not know how Deepavali comes from. Have you heard of how Lord Krishna killed Narakasura? The story leads to why oil lamp was lighted in the house, to know more, see this link:-


To know more, check out the link:-


What we can see during Deepavali:-

1. Blessing- Yellow or purple angpow packet with some dollar notes inside to be given to the children or the unmarried people.

Angpow Packet for Deepavali

2. Clothes - the Hindus will be wearing their traditional Indian costumes, most of them will be wearing new clothes like pretty Saree with amazing silk work; men might be putting on just the casual clothes.

Very well done Saree

3. Family gatherings- Laughter of the kids, the reunion and gathering of the families.

peaceful, joy, happiness

4. Food - Smell of curry and hot spices will be coming out from the houses.

yummy, and hungry for it?

5. Marriage - If marriage occurred in conjunction with Deepavali, the bridegrooms will accept the wedding gifts from the in law families.

Indian wedding ceremony

I will marry you....

6. Oil bath – also known as "ganga-snanam”, as in to believe to wash off all the pasts.

oil bath

7. Oil lamp - During deepavali, we will start seeing most of the houses are lighted up with oil lamps, to show that light in the dark.

you light up my life....

8. Rangoli or Kolam - so creative and colorful; some of them were even decorated along with the Diya Lights (Hindu Candles).

the three eyes within the rainbow

beautiful nicely done, just using colors of rice?

as  proud as a peacock, one malaysia!

9. Snacks-Spicy or crunchy tidbits like Murukku, Pagoda, Accu Murukku will sure be appetizing for you.

crunchy crunchy!

To all my Indian or Hindus friends, I am glad you bring your culture into Malaysia and the world, where once again, we respect each other culture, and be blessed to know all of you.

Brickfield, the city of the  Indians

Happy Deepavali! Deepavali Valthukkal!


kolam or rangoli

kolam with the lamp

city of the special culture

nicely done to improve Brickfields

see the flowers on the roads at the lamp  posts?

take care, i shall see you again!

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