Thursday, September 29, 2011

Suki Jezz First fall in love with curry mee and wanton mee

thick curry sauce right? yummy

My First fall in love with curry mee and wanton mee

With the food wonders around the city, people had been recommending nice food all around the town area, or organizing a big gathering for stomach pampering.

When you pass by anywhere across the street, there will be so many restaurants selling different kind of new and old cuisine, but your mind will be thinking: “ hmmm, wonder is it nice? Was it too commercialized till the real cooking skill doesn’t go well with the outcome of the taste of the food? This was advertised at the media, but was it really nice?” so as per say, all this question either end up making you go away, or give a try by stopping over.

But, this one, these curry mee and wanton meeoh my god, I will not spend my little fingers typing and recommending her for nothing. Few months back, one love of passion of food brings me to the place I hardly know, and end up only the soup were spared, everything was eaten up.

yummy wanton mee, with bbq sliced pork, thick soy sauce, and vegetables and wanton mee, volla!

the vegetarian style as per my request, sorry for troubling aunty...that is why you see so many mushrooms in my curry noodles

That is what makes me tempted to go for the second visit to the auntie’s stall – Poon Kee

the stall's picture

near to 7-11
So this time, I manage to take some pictures, hope that you are able to locate this very curry mee stall, because good information is ought to be shared. This very place near to some trees with a normal rooftop cover with some stalls too. It is just in front of the entrance once you entered the food stall area. It is located opposite 7-11 convenient stores,    and next to Hong Leong bank. The address will be:

the name of the road
Jalan Perkasa 5, Taman Maluri, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Google at:,Jalan+Perkasa+5,+Taman+Maluri,+55100+Kuala+Lumpur,+Wilayah+Persekutuan+Kuala+Lumpur&gl=my&ei=wOqDTtDPMortrQeiv8DZDA&sa=X&oi=geocode_result&ct=title&resnum=1&ved=0CCAQ8gEwAA

sunday night market

There will be Malay night bazaar every Sunday, the things were super cheap, you can a handful with all items with just amount of RM 20. They sold RM 1 vegetables, RM 5 for 3 household items, and many more. They also sell some fresh seafood and fish, and also a basket fruits for just RM 5. The things are quite fresh and cheap.

greens greens...

So I went there, say hi and smiled to the aunty.
The aunty was very patient to put down my orders, because I was kind of picky. The orders will be just like: no meat, more vegetables, no bean sprout, no mee, I want flat noodles, and so on.

hi, pretty lady with kind heart

Aunty said: “oh, you do not eat meat, I just give you a bowl of vegetables for free, so that you have more to make yourself full.” Such a kind lady, she just gave me without any charges. I told her I would recommend her gravy curry noodles to my friends, she just says thank for supporting her.

the price as per 2011, worth to eat still!
So if you are one curry mee and wanton mee lover, please do go try out her gravy curry noodles and nice dried wanton mee!

the pot full of curry sauce, take hours to make a real good one

this is the rendang, or dried curry sauce....rarely get this too...
please eat my picture, or please go there yourself :)


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